Friday, May 25, 2007

Who In the Hell is Marvin X?

I am Zaahir Muhammad of Newark NJ. I was listening to a commentary by Mumia Abu Jamal and he mentioned your name. I was like "who the hell is Marvin X?" so I searched and came across some of your history and comments. I would just like to say; THANK YOU. I always love to hear from the pioneers of our sojourn here in the Americas and want to tell that your sacrifice and struggles have not been in vain. I know that we are not a militant today (compared to the perception if not reality of the 60's and 70's) but I have met some strong Brothers and Sisters who are dedicated to change and are raising children who reflect that desire. If you are appearing on the East coast this year please let me know where. I would be honored to break bread with you. Thank you again,
As Salaam Alaikum
Zaahir Muhammad

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