Thursday, May 24, 2007

Of Black People and Nigguhs

Of Black People and Nigguhs

I am sick and tired of nigguhs discussin nigguh. I go beyond Chris Rock who said he loves black people but hates nigguhs. I love black people and nigguhs too! Nigguh is now a billion dollar word, so who would be so stupid to stop using it but a stupid nigguh.
--Marvin X


Lil Joe said...

Laughing, Marvin! Only you would penetrate game and expose it so real. What can I say? Now dat you sposed dem Nigguhs hustle, dey gatta get demselfs anuddah word ta hussle! Rught on, Marvin. You the man! Watch out, dem 'Nigguh's will smoke you fo sho fo sposen dey game! Right on, Marvin! Right on! (Still laughing, but serious! Be careful! See you next month)
Lil Joe

The Last Poets On Nigguh said...

The Last Poets on Nigguh

You're right, you would be a stupid nigguh if you didn't want to usethe million dollar word nigguh today. Later my nigguh! and remembernigguhs are scared of revolution. Peace. Umar.