Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eddie Huff Responds to Marvin X

Response to Marvin X's London Bridges Falling Down


With all due respect, this is Bull Crap! First of all, the millions of Muslims living in England were not forced there as were Black Africans and they are not now being held there against their wills. If it is so horrible there, allow them to migrate back to their preferred land.

Why should the British, or Americans, or any nationality be expected to change their culture to adapt that of a migrant minority vs. the other way around. Try that any where else, and the same people screaming foul here will go bizerk.

In fact, let us use Mexico for example. We hear how we need to understand the needs of hard working people trying to make a better way here, but try that down there. Try having a traffic accident and no insurance. Try sneaking in from another Central American nation. Asking them to accommodate your inability to speak the language, give you free medical, free education, and welfare. No, you will be arrested, and if you are lucky deported back to where you came from.

You say this is not based upon religious fanaticism, but I beg to differ. It has everything to do with that. We allow Muslims to live and visit here practicing their faith openly without question. They are in a war to remove all western influence from their lands. So, they want to be able to come here and spread their beliefs, but block the same in their lands. They wish to create a Mecca like (Christian/Hebrew free) state throughout the middle east, and then beyond. I say it ain't gonna happen. They will get the Jihad they seem to long for, and it will not be pretty.

Eddie Huff

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