Friday, May 25, 2007

Poem: I Release You

I Release You
for SCJ

You said release you
I chanted I release you
three times
then you called with emergency
save your nephew
the boyz in the hood want his head
so I gave him refuge in the mountains
manhood training
a labor of love for you and him
since he is you and you are him
but my whole life is saving youth
what is the revolution about exceptsaving
the next generation
keeping them from getting caughtriding dirty
especially the brothers marked for extinction by society
with no use for them
except encaged
no thinkers wanted
no freedom fighters
no conscious poets and rappers
so I did my job can I get a little love a hug a kiss
no matter you have someone new
We feed you for Allah’s pleasure only
we desire neither reward nor thanks, Al Qur’an.
marvin x 4.3.07

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