Friday, May 25, 2007

Dear Helen

Helen Davis Makes Transition

Oakland entrepreneur Helen Davis joined the ancestors earlier this week. Helen and husband Charles Davis operated the African boutique Aquarius Rising at 61st and Telegraph, Oakland. Mrs. Davis also sold items on the local cable television show. She was also an actress and board member of the Black Repertory Group Theatre. Funeral services are pending.Helen was related to poet/playwright Marvin X and the two were scheduled to hold a combinded birthday party and book party at Aquarius Rising on Monday, February 19, 3pm. The event is still happening in her honor.
Memorial Celebration
On Friday, March 9, 8pm, the Black Repertory Group Theatre will hold a memorial celebration for Helen.

The following is a letter from Marvin X:

Dear Helen,Cuz, it is with great pain and shock that I learned of your transition earlier this week. My sister Judy informed me, your sister-in-law. Having talked with you on Monday, I am happy to have had our last conversation because it was the essence of your joyful, upbeat spirit, and this is how I shall always remember you. We discussed your birthday party and my upcoming book party at your store on February 19, and I looked forward to the event. Your transition made me want to cancel my public appearances this month, but after talking with your family at the Black Rep, Dr. Scott, Sean and Paula, they assured me you would want the show to go on, after all, they reminded me, we never saw you sad, but always full of joy and happiness--so how can we be sad about your departure--and furthermore, your constant smile and positive attitude will never depart from us. You are now black history, especially the history of regal African women in the Bay.In our last conversation, you mentioned how much you appreciated my latest book BEYOND RELIGION, TOWARD SPIRITUALITY. I told you to tell your television audience every word you said to me, and you promised you would. You said you liked my essay ANCESTORS. As Dr. Nathan Hare teaches, be careful about being an elder, for next you are an ancestor. And so, my beloved sister, my royal queen, you have indeed joined the ancestors. And we shall honor you and love you for eternity.Your comments about my essay THE MEN was inspirational to me. You said you had to call a friend to read it to them. You mentioned my words about how the young men wait in the doorway for father to come home. Yes, father must leave the ho and go home, for in the end the ho will not be with him, but he shall be alone in his iniquity. I call upon all fathers to go home, repair the house, reconcile with your baby's mamas, reconcile with your children, especially your sons, but your daughters as well.Oh, Helen, you and your husband Charles were the perfect couple in my sight. You were the essence of a royal African queen and he was forever at your side as your King, not just in apparel but in fact, for he stood beside you always as you went about your daily round as market woman, selling your wares on cable television and at your boutique, Aquarius Rising.Helen, your ever loving smile, your eternal optimistic persona has blessed the Bay Area with love so desperately needed as it seeks a way out of the cycle of violence and despair due to economic and spiritual poverty.
I am so saddened by your transition, but so happy that I saw you a few days before your departure in the physical. Thanks for being an ever positive force in my life. I pray I can express your joyful, positive spirit. You have my eternal love and respect.Your cuz,
Marvin X
Helen & Charles Davis
Aquarius Raising6036 Telegraph AvenueOakland, CA 94609428-2116

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