Friday, May 25, 2007

Message from Dr. Nathan Hare to Doc Marvin X


Maybe we should start calling you Doc Marvin. I remember the Old West character, Doc Holliday or somebody; and I once met an impressive brother (a member of the school board or high up there in Kansas City, Missouri, circa late 1980s), who was known as Doc Ross, though his name was something else and he didn’t have no white man’s doctorate. Sure wish I could give one (or both) of mine away.

I’ve been keeping up with your goings and doings back East, and you continue to amaze me with the way you live and promote the life you write about. And the harder I try these days the more you brothers’ blogs and computerizations keep getting ahead of me.

The Queen Bee is doing fine – you know her. No doubt she would sting me for even thinking of taking time away from my soon to be mythical (imaginary? but I’m getting there) book! Luckily she’s on the phone right now, as usual, so instead of asking permission, I’ll just beg forgiveness. After all, if she’s “the queen bee,” I’m the king bee.

But you’ve just given me an offer I can’t refuse. Not only is it an honor and an opportunity to “do good in the world,”
it’s fitting and proper (or “somethin’ proper”). Plus you already blessed me beyond measure in the beginning of the text. And I tell Julia all the time that “I like people who ACT like they like me.”

“But they can be shucking you; they just using you. ”

“I don’t care what they think. Just keep on using me till you use me up.”

How long should the forward be etc?

I’m rushing to get out early this morning, but I got a look at the twelve steps and your blog. Don’t know if I saw all of the manuscript or if you are still writing on it or what, “heading South.”

Let me know. In any case, back to you later.


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