Thursday, May 24, 2007

Response to Black Sisyphus

Most of us have never known who God is. We were told, and shown, that is was/is a white man, suffering, and hanging from a cross. Most of our people, children included, still hold onto that false idea.

A return to our Spirituality is critical to our overcoming this condition of mental enslavement. To do so, we must learn to meditate, contemplate, create our reality inside ourselves, then, spring it on the world.The study of history will reveal to us who and what we truly are, spiritual beings.

Maat Hetep


Re: Black Sisyphus


You're absolutely correct! Iwish I had a good response to your
comments, but the turth is I don't. Today I sat in court and watched
the judge take about 6 children from their parents. One woman 23 had
three children three different daddies and did not have a place to live.
This is the reason my sister and I have started promote strong, black
families. Because we are losing too many of our children to the system.

I have had a loooooooong day! Too long to write about the condition of
our people. The problem is spiritual--- Many of us have forgotten who
God is.

Brenda Sutton

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