Thursday, May 24, 2007

London Bridges Falling Down

London Bridges Falling Down

Marvin X

Not only has the sun set on the British empire but the sons of her colonial slaves are out to avenge their impoverished fathers and mothers. Yes, call them devils for their evil desires and actions to seek retribution for centuries of rape, mass murder, mutilation and simple genocide.

During the four centuries of European slavery, how many innocent men, women and children were crucified in the name of Jesus and capitalism? When they toiled in the sun of Africa, Asia and the Americas, were they not simple human beings whose only desire was to care for their families and loved ones--how often did they even bother to revolt against their enslavement for life?

But today the world appears utterly horrified that the descendants of colonialism have decided to seek vengeance in the name of their God and peoples, no matter what the moderates, the uncle toms and uncle abdullahs, think of their barbaric actions. Were not the Europeans barbaric in the Congo, South Africa, in Arabia and India, in the the Americas with their black codes and slave catchers, lynchings, raping of men, women and children?

Did the Europeans and their colonial collaborators ever think the day would come for justice to raise her hand and strike death blows into the hearts of the masters as they went about their daily round, eating, drinking, sporting, playing, working, praying?

The death angels don't care about any of these goings on. Throughout the centuries of your oppression in Africa, Arabia, India and the Americas, did you ever give the subject peoples a day of respite, a moment to wipe the sweat off their brow? You gave them nothing but more slavery, suffering and death. And as you have done, so shall it be done unto you.

Keep a stiff upper lip because you shall need it as your cities crumble for the death angels march with no mercy, a lesson they learned from you. The only difference is that you claim to value life but the death angels care nothing for life and there are no innocents in their world.

The moderates are mostly your puppets, your colonial administrators who have benefited from the enslavement of their people. What right to life do they deserve. Yes, those who worship the beast shall be destroyed with the beast. Your moderation is submission to continued enslavement and colonialism--even your feigned religiosity is reactionary poppycock. You are one billion Muslims, yet you cannot liberate Palestine. To hell with your prayers and your pilgrimage to Mecca. When you march to Jerusalem one billion strong, that is the day Islam shall be redeemed from the devil, yes, from you fake imams who preach mysticism while your people wallow in poverty, disease and ignorance.

You are glad to send your sons to Iraq as suicide bombers because it is better they fight the Crusaders than fight you and your reactionary regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, and places where you have delivered your oil fields to the global bandits in exchange for liquor and European women.

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