Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Can You Believe It

Can You Believe It

Can you believe it
this guy is impossible
does he actually exist
or really a ghost like casper
white yet not even that
you can't believe what you see
so don't look, turn yr head
might blow yo mind
this guy
would he kill is moma?
yes, over bubble gum
would he cause 9/11
in a minute
he got you hatin yo brother
will kill him at drop of hat
but does he actually exist
like bush walks like no other man
have you ever seen a man walk like bush
it ain't shit in his pants, hope not anyway
but why he walk like that
something strange bout that guy
is he really a guy
might be casper with a cowboy hat

but you be careful
this guy plays dirty pool
will give guns to sunnis to kill shites
will give guns to shites to kill sunnis
will give guns to fatah to kill hamas
will give guns to hamas to kill fatah
will give guns to fatah islam to kill hezballah
will give guns to hezballah to kill fatah islam
you can't figure this out
call it a brain twister
but is there a brain up there in that head we see on tv
ain't really a head just a form of water configured
by some ghost from time beyond time
so don't get spooked
cause you see the news
it ain't news you see
it a movie
the guys sell them on the block for two dollars
you bought one last night on the way home
it wouldn't play remember
like the news
it ain't even real
like that guy you love
the one you voted for
or the one you din't vote for
don't matter
the ghost is the same in the night.
--Marvin X

1 comment:

Marvin X said...

Hey Baba,
As always ya amaze me. I am juggling as usual. My
theater season has begun and I am directing for Geoff.
No one has any money yet they want you to give them
your blood. You seem in your element. I am still
working on the lit review. The proposal itself is in
good shape. It is the methods section and the lit
review that still want doing. I am hip deep in
literature and journal articles for the theoretical
side of the dissertation. I can barley wait for the
nuts and bolts to be in place so the end of it can
This 12 step thing interest me greatly on multiple
levels, its connection to your own
transformation/accession, that it is the articulation
and example of a methodology, that it attacks the
dis-ease of "us" in the SorrowLand at its source as
opposed to being diverted by symptoms, the latter is
essential important to North American Africans in my
opinion because a man who don't know he's sick will
not ask for the doctor.
We must name the dis-ease in order to move to cure it.
You have not only clearly pointed to the problem but
articulate a way to move from awareness to agency.
I could go on for a couple of pages, but suffice it to
say, I am made glad again to know you.
Do ya thang, and come on back to the West Coast. I
choose not to acknowledge your mail indicating you
might not return. Nonsense. See you soon.
Ayo Nzinga