Friday, May 25, 2007

The Secret or Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality

The Secret or Marvin X's Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality

The Secret may be a best seller on the New York Times list, but in the hood it's Marvin X's essays on consciousness Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality that is hard to keep on the shelves at limited outlets in the SF/Oakland Bay Area. After 40 years, the masses have discovered the writings of Marvin X, or, as one bookseller put it, "They have known about you, they just didn't know where to get your books, now they know."

In the Bay, his books are available at Aquarius Rising, 6036 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. De Lauer's News, 14th and Broadway, downtown, and Your Black Muslim Bakery, San Pablo and Standford. YBMB has five titles: Something Proper, autobiography, 1998, In the Crazy House Called America, essays, 2002, Wish I Could Tell You The Truth, essays, 2005, Land of My Daughters, poems, 2005, and Beyond Religion, toward Spirituality, 2007. Marcus Books doesn't do Marvin X.

The poet/essayist will hit the east coast in April: on Good Friday he will be hosted by Philly's most famous female poet, and Easter Sunday he will be hosted in Newark by their most famous poet. Contact Marvin's agent for details: suninleo. com.

In a letter from death row, Mumia Abu Jamal told Marvin, "Beyond Religion is an encyclopedia of knowledge. You are a griot if there ever was one."

Look for Beyond Religion to be a bestseller in the hood. Order direct from the publisher:
Black Bird Press, POB 1317, Paradise CA 95967, $19.95, postage included.

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