Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hartford, CT: Black Bourgeoisie Host Marvin X

Hartford, Conn: Black Bourgeoisie Host Marvin X

Marvin X's East coast book tour came to Hartford, Conn last Friday. Hartford is midway between Boston and New York, thus a hot real estate market, so the poet learned from his host, a mortgage company owner, and other guests who were real estate brokers and investors. The event was catered and the bar tender a nice white woman who asked the poet what happens at a book party. Apparently she wasn't the only one who didn't know as many guests came without cash and had to borrow money from the host to purchase his books. Co-host Dana Rondel, a young novelist, introduced the poet and what followed was the most intense discussion of spirituality during his tour. A Christian brother talked about belief as central to religion but was corrected by brother Sabu, a physics professor, who explained that belief doesn't count, only knowledge. It can be a bright sunny day outside but the believer is convinced it is raining.

The next day at a private reading, Nikki Miles, member of the Hartford Queen Afua circle, said religion is for followers, spirituality for leaders.
Dana, the young novelist, was able to do the impossible with Mr. X: not only did she take him out to dance at a local club, but made him take a walk for exercise. He did so kicking and screaming, but he walked.

The poet ends his tour on Friday at Sista's Place in Brooklyn and in Washington DC on Saturday at the Umoja Gallery, 5pm and Harambee Radio anniversary celebration, 8pm.

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