Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award

Marvin X to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at Los Angeles Black Book
Expo, June 10-11, 2005

Poet, playwright, essayist, activist, teacher and comic Marvin X will
receive a life-time achievement award at the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Black
Book Expo, June 10-11. Mr. X told event organizer Itbari Zulu he was excited
and grateful about the award but would also like a reward, as taught by his
elder Amiri Baraka. The reward,says Baraka, is the money. Itbari replied that he would get back to him on the matter of the reward.

The poet learned he is now being read every Wednesday in Philly at the
Laundromat on Chelton and Germantown Aves. Last Wednesday, patrons took
turns reading four chapters from his essays Wish I Could Tell You The Truth.
The reading series was organized by Recovery Theatre East director, Elliot
Bey, who also said one patron took the book home, claiming he just had to
finish reading it, promising to bring it back next week.

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