Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poem: Elegy for Sweet Paula Shular

Elegy for Sweet Paula Shular

For you, Paula

Who handled yo bizness

Who enjoyed the best of life

The joy and the pain of it all

What else is life about: joy and pain

Sun and rain

Some want the sun all the time

They run from the rain

But no cross no crown.

You suffered the cross

So now you shall wear the crown of eternity

There is no death in eternity,

Somebody say ache, amen.

The Africans say the only death is to be forgotten

Sweet, Paula, you shall never be forgotten

Your smile, your laugh, your joy, your love

Shall be with us always and forever

You did the best you could with what you had

Who can ask for anything more

A true trooper

You know how we used to do it

Coast to coast

Frisco, Oaktown, Berkeley , New York , Newark , Philly
When I did the show, you did the show bizness

I didn’t have to worry, you paid the musicians, got them in the limo

Leroy had your back

Remember that Night in Newark at the Baraka’s house

You and Leroy heard them talking late into the night

Amina told Amiri, “Don’t mess us up! Don’t mess us up!”

Yeah, she told him to handle his bizness.

We gonna miss you soldier

But you remain forever a sweet memory

A little angel chile
Who came down from heaven only for a moment

Then returned home

Surely we are from Allah and to Him we return.

For Leroy who caught you at the bus stop

when you were young and tenda

Better know he loves you

He loves you and honors you in life and death

You helped him find the many mansions in His Father’s house

You know that nigguh was a fool for you

Don’t you ever doubt it, Sweet Paula

You gave him that wonder child, Yusef

We don’t know what he gonna be

But he Gemini

So you know he gonna be something else

Ride on, Sweet Paula

Ride into eternal life

Ride into the sun

Dance upon the sea upon the waves

Walk upon the water like Jesus

Tell the water, tell the waves, tell the wind

Peace be still

Peace be still

Peace be still.


--Marvin X, Minister of Poetry, 8-25-05


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