Thursday, May 24, 2007

Al Jazeerah: Wondering and Wandering In Baghdad by Marvin X

Wondering and Wandering In Baghdad
by Marvin X

As the latest bombing in Iraq shatters the minds of those concerned about the war ravaged land, one wonders what exactly are the Americans doing, other than siphoning off oil and blood sucking the American tax payers to compensate Halburton and Bechtel to the tune of almost three billion dollars although little oil is flowing and Iraqis are still without electricity and clean water. Additionally, American tax payers are being charged one billion dollars per week for a fabricated war to preemptively attack someone clearly not a threat, since no weapons of mass destruction have been found.
The Americans did not secure the Jordanian embassy, the UN building, and now the Masjed in the Holy City of Najaf has suffered destruction, with over 100 people dead, including the grand Ayatollah Al Hakim.
So what are the Americans securing? Sadly, they cannot secure themselves. More have died than before the Bush devil declared the war over on May 1. What is really going on? It appears to be a bad case of greed. They want to control the military, the politics and the economics, refusing to share power with anyone, including and most importantly the Iraqi people, who've been granted an American appointed advisory council, as if the people who are the originators of human civilization have no idea how to govern themselves. Yes, the people who invented the first code of law, Hammurabi, are now devoid of the intelligence to select a provisional government.
How can the almighty Americans construct a new society without members of the old regime? It seems impossible since the old regime permeated all social institutions: army, police, intelligence, media, education, etc.
How can they call for a democracy yet declare a Shiite Islamic State will not be allowed, despite the Shiite majority population? Perhaps only America is qualified to define a democracy, although America's last presidential election resembled a Banana Republic more than a civilized democratic society. Let us not forget when Iraq's neighbor, Iran, had a democratically elected leader, he was deposed by the CIA and the Shah "elected" to replace him.
It appears the blind, greedy, ignorant Americans have fallen into an Indiana Jones snake pit. Ironically, they are the snake, the serpent who deceived the world, yet they perceive not. Clearly, they have become sitting ducks for Jihadists who practiced fighting the infidels in Afghanistan and were successful in defeating the Russians, albeit with American training and weapons. Perhaps if they had not abandoned their students in Afghanistan, they would not be facing them today in Iraq. Yes, America is facing Islamic freedom fighters who love death more than the thirsty love water. How can one defeat such people, especially when one's ideology is predicated upon pure greed, racism and archaic fundamental Christianity, more backward than the Taliban, witness the Alabama judge and his ten commandment stone? America's hypocritical illogic is seen in the fact that while separation of church and state is preached, "In God We Trust" remains on money printed by the state.
If America had been honest and truthful, she would have never attacked Iraq, now she must reap what she has sown. Poverty, disease and ignorance give rise to so-called terrorists, so until one is sincere about eradicating the causes of terrorism, the problems shall remain, deconstructing and destabilizing the very core of so-called civilized society. One man cannot eat in peace while another starves, especially when the man eating has robbed and stolen from the hungry man.
Iraq was a great tragedy under the regime of Saddam Hussein, but it remains to be seen whether it shall be an even greater tragedy under American imperialism. Peace in the Middle East appears as much a conundrum to me as it did in 1948 or shortly after, for although I was only four or five years old, I recall and can never erase from my mind, the newsreel footage at the theatre showing thousands upon thousands of Palestinians fleeing their homes across the bridge into Jordan. Over a half century later, I see the same suffering people fighting for their homeland. And now the people of Iraq are doing the same. I am not certain if I shall see the day when Palestinians achieve their state, nor is it clear when or how long the people of Iraq will exercise freedom in theirs.
And let me not close without a prayer and hope for African American self determination, reparations and liberation from wage slavery and mental slavery.

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