Saturday, May 26, 2007

Comment on Marvin X's Letter to Iraq's Minister of Oil

Comment on Marvin X's Letter to Iraq's Minister of Oil

by Ayaba Bey

Excellent outreach. We need to do more of this. Hands across the ocean to our affiliates and friends in other countries. Our Native American kin should be brought into the fold on these types of ideas. They have untapped resources because of a lack of funds and collaboration. They do not have to rely on American corporations to do for them, but they need developmental assistance and it is time to unify the Black, Red, Brown and Yellow people of the world, as the Whites by way of the European Union, have so boldly claimed to be doing. The rest of the world's people do not seem to see any problem with this action on their part. But it is a bold and arrogant act against the rest of the world's people to only unite with your own kind and tell the rest of the world that we are wrong for trying to do the same! Some of us are grand children of Native Americans and we need to increase our contact and support of them . Numbers mean everything.

"That which you seek is seeking you"

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