Thursday, May 24, 2007

More On the Black Sisyphus Syndrome

More On Black Sisyphus

The process of creating strong black families must be part of our overall war strategy. But first we must understand we are in a state of war and the goal is national liberation, not integration. To become an American is to become the enemy of the world for we cannot only blame the government because the people are responsible for the government. If the people do not remove the no good government, then the people are guilty of crimes against humanity as well.

To fight a war, we must be mentally prepared. We think this is a game because we send our children to the enemy for education, we embrace an alien religion or religions, we support consumerism and materialism, not spirituality. JC told us to be in this world but not of this world--but to the contrary we are in this world and of this world. We embrace any and all fads, trends, slogans, flags, economic scams such as sub prime loans leading to foreclosures; we are duped by the latest black savior--never do we plan for war or teach our children we are in a state of war, thus when they are slaughtered before our eyes in the hood, all we do is continue weeping and mourning, but no action to counter the slaughter coming from preachers, teachers and politicians who are mostly part of the problem, not part of the solution, for they have no solution to get us safely out of the box, out of the danger zone. And thus at the end of day we are at the bottom of the hill with rock in hand.

--Marvin X

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