Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black Muslim Writers in Turkish

dear br
how are youthank you very much for informing me about your activities and also I am pleased to know you have been regarded as the father of black islamic lit in the USAs I tried to point out in my previous letters i am keen to introduce the black muslim writers into turkish in principal. I have chosen the poets with muslim name. Having said that i am aware of the problems our coloured brothers facing in americaregardles of their belief i have always supportedtheir struggle agains injustices i need you help I need your support would you give my address to the black muslim poets-story writeressayis-novelist, play ,..asked them to send me selection of their work. More than twenty years ago i have started this project by Allah's grace i should finalise it. i am looking forward to receiving your booksps inshallah I will be in Turkey in August so i shall try to find publisher for your selection as well as others I am hopeful the publisher who published NazrulIslam- Bengali National Poet- might undertake such publications.
with my salaams

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