Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who Are These Jews?

Who are these Jews
Vandals from Europe
Who know best how to murder, slaughter, bomb and lie
Claiming holy land
Chosen of God they say
Lord let us pray
If they are his chosen
Even Jesus condemned the synagogue of Satan
Abraham’s children?
Where is the work of Abraham?
The peace love faith
these are devils
Murderers liars
Usurpers like the Crusaders
from some place
Maybe outer space
Why did Hitler treat them so mean?
look how they act in the holy land of God
Bombing to hell people with nothing
Half a century nothing
No water food medicine
Hospitals mosques schools smashed to smithereens
Who are these Jews?
God’s holy people
Seizing homes of others
Yet claim they come in peace
Where is the peace with your planes
Bombs, warships, tanks, soldiers
no security even with nukes
What will secure you
make you safe in the night
The Wall
American sycophants

The media Zionists tell fairy tales on Fox,
CNN, NPR and Pacifica
Even Amy Goodman is not fair
While you destroy the land of God
can the devil claim God’s land
It may take a hundred years
like the Crusaders
You shall depart one day
Not back to Europe
but some place
Probably space
there you will challenge the sun
Or fight the dead moon
Somewhere is a place for you
Who claim shalom alaikum
Yet never intend to allow Palestinians
land of their own
Return of refugees
So your children pee in bed
Children of Gaza bombed death in beds, schools,
Who are these Jews
Who are not Jews
of the Synagogue of Satan?

You leave Gaza in jail
No exit no democracy
Even after their vote
If Hamas is their choice
Leave them alone
Let them build their state their way not yours
Egypt’s Saudi Arabia’s Jordan’s
Their way
Maybe then rockets will be silent
Maybe then you will live in peace
Maybe then the world will not tire of you
hate you
Will accept you with love and brotherhood.

be aware the battles you win
it is not winning the war
There are powers greater than you, your guns, planes,
Nukes, lies, phony claims, fake chosen ness
To hell with your God, your holy books
Myths made in America
In the white house you rule
Made in Jewyork
Your home away from home

Past time for Palestinian State
Don’t you see the world wearing Kafiyas
Not knowing it is the scarf of suffering people
The scarf of blood and tears
Betrayed by leaders who steal and dine in Europe
Leaders who sell out to Satan in the night
While people live in refugee camps half a century
Leaders who must be lead since they are blind
Who are these Jews?
--El Muhajir (Marvin X)

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