Saturday, January 3, 2009

Obama Drama
Act Two, Scene I: The White House

As my friend James W. Sweeney said from the beginning of the Obama drama, he is transformational but it remains to be seen if he can be transactional, can he make transactions for the masses. We know he is a sharp politician, as sharp as any who have worn the name, thus he is skilled at deception. So now that the world has seen his powers as a community organizer, we can only wait with great anticipation to see how he can sway the house and senate to approve his "radical change" agenda. For sure, Obama is not out to destroy capitalism but to clean it up or save it as it sits in the emergency room like a Negro at Harlem hospital trying to get to the intensive care unit, sitting in ER with blood oozing from multiple gunshots. Like a skilled surgeon, he must deal with bullets in the brain of capitalism, in the heart and other vital organs.

Not only must he be a surgeon but a magician, for he will need to work many tricks and perform many a balancing act to put the white house in order. The financial system, corporations, housing, jobs, health and multiple wars are a few items he must deal with immediately and simultaneously. He is progressive on some of these issues, reactionary on others, such as enlarging the war in Afghanistan and now Pakistan. Will he have troops out of Iraq in 16 months, doubtful if he follows his generals on the ground.

And then there are the haters coming at him from the right and the left, the black and the white. He will have to don the persona of Job to overcome the haters. In the manner of Job he will thus suffer many afflictions but his life will be spared. Michelle may tell him as Job's wife told him, "Curse God and die."

Obama may end up like the many "black presidents" we have throughout the continent of Africa and the Caribbean, worthless and pitiful, a neo-colonial Negro in the tradition of other Negro politicians we have had since the 60s.

But perhaps there are winds blowing from the East that shall transcend Obama, forcing him into positions he never imagined and nor did we. There is motion in the spiritual world that moves faster than the speed of light. We can pontificate and Obama can negotiate, yet the winds blowing will determine the endgame, for if he cannot wash some of the mud off his shoes and those of the many snakes who are his advisers, he shall simply be a rider, perhaps, even Captain, of the Titanic, going down with it while Shine swims on.

Revolutionaries should consider him an opportunity to advance our agenda--once we get a consensus on what it is, and we are far from knowing that since we suffer a psycholinguistic crisis, caught in the conundrum of ideological madness.How can we call ourselves intellectual leaders when we are out of harmony with the desires of our people who voted 98% for Obama. We may call them deaf, dumb and blind, but clearly, as my dad told me, some of us are so smart we outsmart ourselves in our revolutioinary idealism and romanticism.
--Marvin X

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