Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Devils and Marvin X

On Sunday morning a childhood friend of Marvin X called to tell him of a dream he had last night. The dream was about all the friends Marvin X has had throughout his turbulent
life. The friend said he didn't know how Marvin X is still alive after being associated with such wicked devils as the following:

Amiri Baraka
Ed Bullins
Huey Newton
Eldridge Cleaver
Sun Ra
Charlie Walker
Alonzo Batin
Paul Cobb
Dr. Yusef Bey

Actually, his friend isn't the first to say this. Marvin's mother, may she rest in peace, said,"Boy you got the worst friends in the world. Them nigguhs ain't nothing and you don't need them nigguhs--them nigguhs need you! They just using you. Boy, you better use the mind God gave you! And if you don't, God's gonna take your mind from you!"

The friend who called about his dream said Marvin X should forget his forthcoming book UP FROM IGNUT and rush out a book about The Devils and Marvin X. With a chapter on each devil, the book is sure to be a best seller, according to the friend.

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