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From: Marvin X Jackmon To: mreynolds@bayareanewsgroup.comSent: Friday, January 2, 2009 6:49:30 PM

Subject: Re: The Phony Chauncey Bailey Project

Martin, why do I need to do your work, especially when I am not being paid? Chauncey discussed his final project, the bakery and the police killers, robbers and drug dealers, with many people in the community. They have told me this. Why has not the project written anything about the contents of his notes or investigated the points he raised? The police incompentence is not the issue, not the real issue since it did not cause his death, except for that socalled stupid delay by the chief, followed by his lies.

The truth is that Chauncey was set up by certain family members who knew when information got to other family members, there would be a violent reaction. So even Bey IV and his crew were set up then "coached" by the OPD who had issues with Chauncey because they knew he was investigating them as well.

Chauncey fell into a trap of family intrigue move complex than the greatest Shakespearean dramas, try Macbeth, King Lear or Hamlet.

The Middle East crisis, your paper and the CBP are related since they deal with Muslims, Zionism and murder. The CBP has spread hatred against Muslims with its emphasis on Muslim bakery boys who had advisors on the OPD. So far the CBP has only dealt with Muslim involvement and the OPD with respect to administrative issues. Chauncey Bailey was only one Negro killed in Oakland in 2007, how many more might have died as a result of the OPD killers? How many innocent are in jail and prison as a result of the OPD planting false evidence? In short, like Zionist propaganda that is focusing the world on the four Israelis dead while ignoring the 400 dead in Gaza, the CBP is focusing on one killing when the matter is much deeper. What if half the black homicides in Oakland turned out to be police murders? Or a tenth of them--clearly this is a greater story than the Bakery boys, even the OPD association with the boys. Will you await information from the wire services on the wider slaughter on the streets of Oakland, which is similar to Gaza since blacks are under occupation by wicked police, politicians, preachers,teachers and journalists.

And you wonder why your paper is dead or dying--it's because it is deviod of truth and guilty of bias. Look at the recent uproar over the lesbian kidnapped and raped in Richmond. It is all over the news as a hate crime, but the murder of blacks is a small matter unless it is an "important Negro" from the bourgeoisie, may Chauncey rest in peace. The murder of a black by a black is a hate crime since the victims and the murderer suffer hatred as a result of their white supremacy addiction.

--Marvin X

From: "" To: : Re: The Phony Chauncey Bailey Project

Sir, if Paul Cobb has some notes from Chauncey to share with the Bailey Project, he knows how to reach me. He and I have had dozens of conversations since Chauncey was killed and he has had ample time to share any vital information with me or Project reporters. For you to imply we have not inquired about any relevant information, such as his notes, is lunacy.For your part in taking repeated pot-shots at the validity and veracity of the Bailey Project and its reportage, I would suggest perhaps actually speaking with Project editors or reporters before making baseless accusations in your latest missive in the Post. Your "column" would appear to be a thinly veiled tip sheet wrapped up in unfounded criticism that spills over to the on-going Middle East crisis, for which we use the wire services to cover. A debate over their slant or tone is certainly worthy of discussion, although stories I have seen quote both sides amply. Again, if you would like to contribute something to the efforts of the Bailey project or would like an actual comment from the Project, my phone number and email are listed on the cover of the Tribune's Metro section 365 days a year. Paul has my cell number.-- Martin G. ReynoldsEditor, The Oakland Tribune

The Phony Chauncey Bailey Project

As we enter the new year, the Chauncey Bailey Project continues its sham reporting of the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey. The more they uncover about the police role in his murder, the more they hide. We wonder when will they get to the root cause of his murder: not his story on the goings on at the Muslim bakery but most importantly, the black police murder and shake down squad, similar to the white police "Riders gang" who was found not guilty, if you can believe this sham justice system, sister of the sham police department and the sham white media.

We can see in its coverage of the Gaza genocide the white media is a hostage of Zionism. We see how they put the Gaza story on the back pages of their papers, e.g., San Francisco Chronicle and Oakland Tribune. Rather that inform readers about the slaughter of Palestianians in Gaza by the Zionists, the Oakland Tribune's headline was socalled new evidence on the Chanucey murder, or the police connection to the Muslim bakery. Will we ever get to the notes Chauncey left on the Oakland police department? Why hasn't the CBP revealed the notes. They need only check with Oakland Post publisher Paul Cobb. Has the CBP interviewed the eyewitness to the murder, the man Chauncey used to feed every morning on his way to work? Have they interviewed the brothers in prison who will testify about the black officers who used to shake them down for drugs and jewelry, and who planted false evidence on them? They claim the officers in charge of the crime scene are the same ones who used to shake them down. There was another former drug dealer at the crime scene who recognized the black officers who used to shake him down. Is there a conspiracy between the police and the media--is this possible?

Isn't it laughable that the Oakland Police delayed their raid on the bakery so members of the Swat team could return from a backpacking trip--in the meantime a journalist is murdered? The whole matter smells fowl. It stinks from Mayor Ron Dellums' office as well. We have previously said his call for State Attorney General Jerry Brown to investigate the investigators is a joke--especially when as Mayor Jerry Brown conspired to have Chauncey Bailey fired from the Oakland Tribune since he was tired of that "nigger snooping around city hall and the police department." Jerry Brown must be investigated himself for possible wrong doing as Mayor, such as the theft of the city treasury, that phony Fox theatre project and the Ice rink loan scam.
Imagine the priority of an ice rink for Oakland Negroes suffering homicide, unemployment, miseducation and disparities in health care.

Will my brother and fellow journalist Chauncey Bailey ever receive justice? It is doubtful since the case was bundled on purpose from the beginning by the investigating officers. The CBP has made some effort to uncover important facts such as the misplaced interview with the girlfriend of Bey IV (was she a police informant?) and the contradiction of the police chief regarding the delay of the raid on the bakery which was scheduled on August 1 but strangely delayed until August 3, the day after Chauncey was murdered.

--Marvin X

Marvin X is one of the founders of the Black Arts Movement and the father of Muslim American literature. His play Salaam, Huey Newton, Salaam, was recently performed in New York. Visit his blog: Also visit and

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