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Refa 1 Replies to Marvin X on Weary of Intellectuals

Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 12:44:49 PM
Subject: RE: Weary

Yeah Brah... I hear you.
I'm also a Revolutionary who is a hustler when it comes to survival but there are some
things I will not do... Promoting Obama is one of them. I missed alot of money as a result
but I've managed to maintain my Afrikan integrity. Obama is Political Crack...One could argue
that the community wants drugs and Drugs are the lesser of two evils compared to instant death...
...That doesn't mean we should capitalize on the sell of crack to a particular community consensus
who desire it. There are some levels of selling out that are imposed on us like wage slavery and taxes
but there are many other methods of selling out that we can refrain from...and if that means I have to
go out of my way to do so,so be it. It's a struggle and that means Sacrifice... possibly your life. We are
not inching ahead with the Movement,we are moving backwards at a rapid pace. Our leadership has been handed to us by the White Power Structure to deliver the same amount of evil with a smile.
Our next Generation of youth is being seduced by the allure of Obama's pseudo charm that has been
partly fed to them by the adults in our own community. There might be something to your argument
if there was a ground swell of community action around the Obama smile politics or if the T-shirts
people bought actually got them to think in a more progressive way...but Last i checked the status quo
in the hood didn't move an inch. I'm sure as a united front we can figure out some creative ways to make Cash Flow for our struggling brothers and Sisters. Promoting Obama is Like Promoting "Jim Jones"...
...there is Karma attached to that toxic Kool Aid... I would caution the community about knowingly
promoting the U.S. Government to financially prosper. The Creator will provide if we hold tight to the
truth(not blind faith) and do the Best we can with what we got. If you want to promote a
Black President to the Community put Malcolm or Marcus Garvey on the shirt.
...I'm making those Tees Now...I'll give you one.
The Revolution Belongs to the youth and when we get it together we'll be able to care
for our elder revolutionary soldiers so they will not have to simp for these pimp$.
If skippin' meals aint your deal you may need a new Hustle.

-Your Brother in the struggle in them trenches serving the People and the Most High Spirit.
The work don't stop til Freedoms got...Dig it


Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 08:44:07 -0800
From: jmarvinx@yahoo. com
Subject: Weary

Weary of Intellectualism

These previous months of the Obama Drama have made me grow sick and tired of so-called intellectuals who utterly lack a microdot of common sense. I was really through last weekend as one such nerd stood in front of my stand conversing for nearly two hours while I made money with my books and Obama T shirts. When the nerd finished talking he came behind my table and finally joined me in commerce--to make a dollar is a dirty act we suppose, according to the die-hard Marxists, Communists, Socialists are whatever they profess to be. The nerd has a published book but didn't bother to put his book on the table, rather when he sold a copy of my book, he proceeded to put the money in his pocket, telling me he needed it because he was broke. How can someone stand around yapping intellectual gibberish while starving--the nerd gladly accepted a hotdog when I returned with several for my workers. He even shared it with one of the ladies with him who was hungry and broke as well. For months I had told him to join me in making some money off this Obama Drama, just as I told the brothers who were so excited over Jesse Jackson's run for president in 1984.

These last months of the Obama campaign has allowed many brothers and sisters to eat, pay rent, car notes and other bills. Yet many socalled revolutionaries and pseudo-conscious hip hop activists, stood on the sideline yapping while brothers and sisters with common sense were able to "come up." I was unable to get a team of my comrades to sale a T shirt, only the grass roots brothers offered to give me a hand hawking Obama Drama. It really hurt to see my Latino brothers working as a family selling Obama Drama. They had father, sons and grandsons at the mostly black events. Where is my family. I have plenty nephews and cousins who are unemployed and broke, but they have no intention to help me or themselves "do for self" in a big way.

To my revolutionaries, how shall we fund the revolution, a job, a grant, a loan, selling drugs, pimping and prostitution, how? I have recalled to this audience what a young brbther said to me at Oakland's 14th and Broadway, former site of my outdoor classroom, more recently the scene of riots after the murder of young Oscar Grant on New Year's day. "Hey, Marvin X, what you doing sellin dat Obama shit, I thought you was anti-American? " I replied, "I am anti-American but don't anti-Americans need money?" Where do the Communists go for loans, the Socialists, they go to the international finance global bandits. Yes, the global banking bandits finance the capitalist and communist wars across the planet, for that matter, they finance the Muslims as well. So much for ideological purity and pseudo political correctness.

I am so happy my mother gave me a little common sense, otherwise I would starve to death trying to be a wage slave or even less listening to my revolutionary brothers and sisters yapping on the sidelines of struggle. Their acute sense of history cannot be argued, for they have read far more than I desire. And I appreciate their analysis of history and current events. But they remind me of the Bush administration on the edge of the war with Iraq--remember the millions of people who protested around the world--America ignored the global masses who were against that war of white supremacy.

Many revolutionaries and socalled conscious hip hop people refused to accept the world consensus that Obama is a lesser evil than the right wing Republicans, even though the global masses can see Obama shows many of the same traits. A red flag went up in my head when he talked of marching into Pakistan to find Osama Bin Laden. Is this Negro crazy, I thought to myself--Pakistan does indeed have weapons of mass destruction.

And so I concluded we are in for another white man in black face. But we can yet give him the benefit of doubt, unless we are so marginalized with ideological purity until we are paralyzed and unable to take advantage of the new situation on the battlefield. Is it better in this protracted war to inch forward or remain stuck on stupid?

Obama has been gold to many improverished brothers and sisters, probably many who were previously selling drugs and pimping, even killing.

Yes, I am often guilty of faulty analogy or taking poetic license to the extreme, but I do know we must take advantage of the situations life presents, otherwise there will be no motion in the ocean. Thank God the people have common sense, far more common sense than their intellectual brothers and sisters who have been edumaked and duped into thinking weird thoughts that just don't make sense, as my brother in DC, Don Freeman, likes to say--it just doesn't make sense (what you are saying).

--El Muhajir (Marvin)

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