Friday, January 23, 2009

Pull Yo Pants Up fa da black prez

This should be the message of elders to youth. Obama's victory is our victory for struggle and sacrifice over the centuries, from the slave revolts and failed reconstruction when we foolishly gave up the guns of the 200,000 black soldiers who should have been defenders of the black nation. Our defenselessness allowed the KKK to go crazy on our behinds, spreading terror and segregation. And then came Noble Drew Ali, Garvey, Elijah, spreading black consciousness, inspiring civil rites and black power. SNCC, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, gave us energy to get our nuts out the sands of time. Cointellpro brought us down the mountain with agents, snitches and opportunists, pussy and dick rappers, gold teeth and sagging pants, reverse evolution, down the mountain in the best tradition of Sisyphus. It this moment of darkness Obama came on the scene like a lightning bolt, striking inside the belly of the beast. Be careful of the masks we wear--what you see is not always what you get. There is a world behind the world behind the world. We need only plug into the seed of the seed of the first seed and be not afraid. We are terrified of the new thing, the new guy on the block. Get over it--we control the block, we control the time clock. Pull yo pants up fa da black prez. So some respect fa yaself. The race ain't ova, this is merely another beginning on a long journey. There are no savior and very few saints, only those who struggled and those who did nothing, those who joined the people in their myth-ritual, no matter how ignut, like celebrating xmas and easter, it is no great sin to eat what the people eat, to dine with them in their ignorance, only then will come the opportunity to teach. With my Obama T shirts I sell my books, offering an alternative view of reality, even distant from Obama's. If we can't find a way to use this Obama drama to educate and radicalize our people, then we are dumber than dumb. When God gives you a blessing to work with, you work with it and don't be ungrateful. Will you curse God while He is blessing you. Some negroes would rather have the devil himself rather than their own brother, this is the extent of the self hatred in the guise of revolutionary consciousness. Pull yo pants up for the black prez.

We have no black teachers for our children. This is a cold fact we are in denial about. How can you change the system when even the black teachers who are in the system are of white mentality, thus part of the problem. Where are our radical teachers which no amount of money will recruit, only when they know the black curriculum is allowed, not the white supremacy teachings of yesterday. Pull yo pants up for the black prez. Students, take over the classrooms and teach yourselves, become peer teachers, study outside the classroom, this is how we did it in the 60s, this is how Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and I studied, not in the classroom but in each other's room, on the sidewalk of Oakland's Merritt College. Pull yo pants up.

Would any of you brothers like to go through what Obama had to go through to become president? I pity the brother since he indeed will be like Job before his term is over, he will be afflicted, persecuted, hated and reviled, even by his own kind, playa haters, we call them, blockers and busters, like a nigguh who will come to your house and tell your maid to come work for him, totally disrespecting you. Pull your pants up for the black prez.
--Marvin X

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