Sunday, January 18, 2009

[blackantiwar] Re: A Day We Never Thought

Brother, if I poured my heart out so, why do you ask more of me. Isn't that enough?
I hate to quote the European T.S.. Elliot, but we have had a hundred visions and revisions that a moment will reverse.

If we thought of certain thoughts, we will dismiss them, thinking them impossible dreams. Not knowing that we must takes things to the edge and beyond, surely the world is full of infinite possibilities. Give Obama his moment and let us check him at every turn we disagree with, even if we feel the need to march on Washington against our brother. It is done in Africa all the time, sometimes on the pain of death.. Kwame Nkrumah told us every black state is a military state. What shall we have with a black president. Will he be harder than the white man?

And yet with all this in mind, what a beautiful idea whose time has come. The reality of it all is mind bogling, since we never let the idea fully into our consciousness. Sherley Chiscom, Jesse Jackson, gave us the concept. Obama, for whatever reason, was able to make it a reality.

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Marvin,What moved you to pour your heart out so. Could you expound on this poem. What is the "day we never thought"? Is this about President Obama and inauguration day.

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