Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Funeral Arrangements for Marvin X

Recitation of adhan, Fatiha and Iklas
Reading of Al Rahman, Surah 55
Video of Marvin X life and work

In My Solitude Duke Ellington

Nature Boy Nat King Cole

Kind of Blue Miles Davis

A Love Supreme John Coltrane

Reasons Earth, Wind and Fire

Open Mike Reading of Marvin X’s Poetry with music and dance accompaniment

One Hundred Nude Dancers with AK47s

Music by Destiny, Tarika Lewis and Tacuma King

Spiritual message by Dana Rondel
Spiritual message from Marvin K and Nefertiti Jackmon
Open Mike (five minutes) from family and friends

Readings from the Writing of Marvin X by Students Ptah, Ramal, Geoffrey Grier, Ayo

Closing Remarks

Donations should be sent to the Marian M. Jackmon Foundation for the Preservation of the Writings of Marvin X, c/o of Amira Jackmon, Esq.

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