Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr. Nathan Hare on the Devils and Marvin X

From: Nathan Hare To: Marvin X Jackmon Sent: Sunday, January 4, 2009 11:28:28 PMSubject: RE: The Devils and Marvin X

Responding and glad to know you’re still out there writin’ and fightin’ – as Ishmael Reed might say. “Up from Ignut” sounds like a very good idea, long as cynics can’t claim you didn’t make it up. As for “The Devils and Marvin X” too much would depend on Marvin X, and Marvin X would already be there listed as the author. Besides, the X would suggest you’re talking about white people and Marvin X, which is also an idea in itself.

Meanwhile, you would do well to get the approval of any black devils who are still alive, as the devils who are dead are resting somewhere between you and your god, and He will take care of you; but if any one of your devils is still alive it might turn out that God won’t be able to help you, as there seems no god who is alive who is any match for the multitude of devils today, I guess precisely because God is singular and the devils are multiple. You could call the book “The Devils Who Made Me Do It,” except that readers wouldn’t know what you meant by “do it,” i.e., do what?

Looks like one way or another you have two interesting book ideas. But be careful and watch your back; devils don’t play; and ignut is a serious epidemic that thrives on a deadly virus, not to be messed with..

I came up this year with probably my worst motto yet, from a literary or intellectual standpoint, but it’s worth a try in the toils and snares of life, so I pass it on to you and others: “Get it in line in 2009, less’n all you want to do is whine

The Devils and Marvin X

On Sunday morning a childhood friend of Marvin X called to tell him of a dream he had last night. The dream was about all the friends Marvin X has had throughout his turbulent
life. The friend said he didn't know how Marvin X is still alive after being associated with such wicked devils as the following:

Amiri Baraka
Ed Bullins
Huey Newton
Eldridge Cleaver
Sun Ra
Charlie Walker
Alonzo Batin
Paul Cobb
Dr. Yusef Bey

Actually, his friend isn't the first to say this. Marvin's mother, may she rest in peace, said,"Boy you got the worst friends in the world. Them nigguhs ain't nothing and you don't need them nigguhs--them nigguhs need you! They just using you. Boy, you better use the mind God gave you! And if you don't, God's gonna take your mind from you!"

The friend who called about his dream said Marvin X should forget his forthcoming book UP FROM IGNUT and rush out a book about The Devils and Marvin X. With a chapter on each devil, the book is sure to be a best seller, according to the friend.

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