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Tuesday December 23, 2008
Contact: Geoffrey Grier – Director, Crisis Intervention SF Recovery Theatre

***Press Release***

SF Recovery Theatre:
Marvin X Play in White Face

San Francisco, CA – On February 5th through February 14th 2009 SF Recovery Theatre will present “Night at the Blackhawk,” an evening of drama by Bay Area Black playwrights in honor of Black History month at the CBD Community Center, 134 Golden Gate, in the Tenderloin district, the location of Marvin X's docudrama One Day in the Life.

Marvin X's first play, Flower for the Trashman, will be performed with two characters in white face, according to director Ayodele Nzinga. It is her decision to have black actors perform the minor roles of a white man and jailer using black actors in white face. "Negroes are half white, anyway," says Marvin X, "if not physically then most certainly psychologically. Maybe it will call attention to our need to recover from the addiction to white supremacy."
Flowers for the Trashman will feature Ptah Allah El and Ramal Lamar as lead characters. The play is a classic of the Black Arts Movement and was first performed by the drama department at San Francisco State University while Marvin was an undergraduate, 1965. It is included in the classic anthology of BAM, Black Fire, edited by Amiri Baraka and Larry Neal, Black Classic Press. Geoffrey Grier of San Francisco Recover Theatre is the producer of an evening of theatre that includes selections from his drama The Spot and Ayodele's Death by Love.

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