Friday, January 9, 2009

Celebrate the fall of America

Celebrate the fall of America. Let the Ancestors be praised that we are their eyes for all their tears in the night and in the days of sorrow and pain from plantation to plantation, from every lynching tree and every hurtful thing we have endured in the wilderness of North America. I celebrate and praise the fall of the American empire, the demise of the great capitalist whore, Babylon, the mighty beast, the serpent who deceived the world.

We love Obama but to hell with America and all she stands for. To hell with the greedy capitalist free market slave economy, a global trashing floor of wretched wage slaves whose labor and national resources are pimped to the death. Let the filthy bitch America fall into the dustbin of history. Let the Aboriginal peoples reclaim the land and let Mother Earth rejoice as the usurpers fall by the wayside, drowning in their own puke.

Let us dance in the streets like we did last summer. No more blues but only the praise songs to the Most High for bringing Ole Massa to his knees. May Wall Street continue to crumble into the dust. May General Motors eat their cars for breakfast. May Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac drink their mortgages for bitter wine. May the wicked schools drown in the iniquity and the teachers end lessons for the glorification of the blood suckers of the poor.

Celebrate and sing the birth of a new day coming soon without the filthy, greedy capitalist swine in our midst. Let the wretched of the earth arise from the blood soaked lands as the robber barons make their way to outer space.

Let the wretched claim the means of production, take over the cities with people’s governments of, for and by the masses, not the filthy bourgeoisie captivated with conspicuous consumption. Praise be the resurrection of the dead, deaf, dumb and blind.

Serve a libation for all the souls lost in the oceans, rivers, swamps and creeks. All the suffering spirits in the trees and fields of this hell on earth. Let us praise the persistence and fortitude of our Ancestors upon whose feet we stand and dance with joy that the day of the devil is over and gone forever.

Yeah, massa is sick and we praise the bitter pill he must swallow for his death dealing deeds upon the righteous. As thou hast done so shall it be done to thee. This is the Day of Judgment. Praise be the resurrection of the dead.

Those who love the master, let them go the way of the master. Let them take their trinkets of rocks, animal skins and plastic with them as they enter perdition. Let them drink the cup of sorrow, the bitter brew of misery for their crimes against humanity.
--El Muhajir (Marvin X)

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