Saturday, August 2, 2008

Witch Doctors Gather In Oakland

The topic of one session was black fathers. Black males do not automatically enter the realm of black manhood. How does a father advance from male to manhood. Take responsibility for the young warriors he has sired. Guide and teach them, otherwise known as manhood training. Take them to the jungle and confront them with terrible creatures who will defile them, frighten them and abuse them into manhood. These terrible creatures with masks will help them learn the ways of the tribe, how to have sex with young girls without cuming inside of them, but they will learn how to disciple themselves so they do not impregnate. The young men will go into the jungle to learn how to kill the lion and bring him back on their backs. They will learn how to build a house without nails, as in the Yoruba tradition of manhood training.

They will gain knowledge of anger management and knowledge that women are not chattel property as in the Western patriarchal tradition. They will learn how to understand the feminine principle, the yen and yang of life, the sun and moon concept, how to combine the Sky god with the Earth Mother concept, thus they will become full blooded men with wisdom of fatherhood and motherhood.

Dr. Conners stressed the notion that fathers must assume responsibility for fatherhood. My student through biblo-therapy who has studied my writings since the 1960’s, said we cannot consider the father without the mother, the relatives, the community, in other words, a holistic approach to fatherhood. The father is thus not an isolated phenomenon but part of a social unit that cannot be separated.

--Marvin X

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