Sunday, August 17, 2008

For The Last Time in Your Life

For Ra Ba

For the last time in your life
Will you treat her right?
Love her with all yr might
For the last time
Shower her with love
Gifts, flowers, acts of kindness
Show her love
That she may rise to sing
The glories of the King
Tell His secret tales
The myth the ritual
Supreme love
Not animal
Higher than Mount Tai love
Let that be the lesson from her teacher
Let her pass on the wisdom to her children
Let her generation know the King has come
Shall never leave again
But it was only because of faith
We lost the way back home
Found ourselves weary
Then found once again
As we marched toward the house of love
A nation of love
We are the flowers
We are the seeds
Forward march
Attention! Right face, left! Double time!

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