Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama’s Sermon on the Mount

And so it is, Lazarus has come forth from the grave and has begun his ascent up the mountain. American history moves with him up the mountain as he makes his way to the highest office in the land, the President. Will he stumble, fall, in the manner of Sisyphus, or will he cross the finish line to victory? As he said in his speech, it is not about him but about you, black, brown, yellow and white Americans. We think the words of a white man shall set the standard for whites when he said on the radio, “I confess my shame that only now have I come to the realization that the Black man has every right to be president of the United States. And I know many of my white brothers and sisters are facing this moment of truth.”

For North American Africans, this is the moment of truth for them as well. Obama has made us see the infinite possibilities of life, that we must never give up for one moment that dream of freedom Dr. King told us about 45 years ago, or that the ancestors sang about in those Negro Spirituals. It is time to make a great leap forward up the mountain to the promised land. It shall take ineluctable energy to cross the finish line, but we can change. We can pull up our pants, and do better than pimping and whoring. President Obama says every child who wants to attend college will be able to do so if they vow to help their community. So it ain’t about him, it’s about you. What will you do in the coming days to take advantage of the new spiritual energy flowing across this land?

Surely, every North American African saw his speech last night—and were moved, some to tears at the very idea before their eyes. But it’s about you because you produced him, yes, the sweat, blood and tears of your ancestors made this day possible. So if and when he becomes president, who do you become? What is your responsibility in this matter?
In the last words of his speech, he told you, “Hold firmly, without wavering, to the faith we confess.”

He said of America, “We are better than this.” And we are! How can such poverty, ignorance and disease exist in the land of abundance? It is only possible because we tolerate it, we accept it, we wallow in it, posing cool on the corner, sitting pacified in the church pew or on the carpet at the Mosque. We allow our lower self to rule, but it’s indeed time for change: change your mind, change your actions, change your spirit, change your thoughts—take authority over your lives and discover your mission, your purpose, just as Obama has done. You too can make history every day, simply get up and do something for self. Don’t sit around waiting for Obama to do everything for you. He has awakened your eyes to infinite possibilities. If he can run for president, what can you run for—what can you win?

--Marvin X
His latest book is How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94702, $19.95.

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