Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free The Bakery Brothers

The family and friends of Your Black Muslim Bakery have launched a website to inform the public of what they consider to be the truth about themselves and their activities that they feel the mainstream media won't reveal. The story of their new website www.freethebakerybrothers.org made the morning news on KTVU Channel 2 and the Oakland Tribune. The site features excerpts from Marvin X's Who Killed Chauncey Bailey? which appeared in last weeks Oakland Post newspaper. The Post only printed 600 words of the 800 word article. For the full article, please go to www.marvinxwrites.blogspot.com.

www.freethebakerybrothers.org also features an interview with jailed bakery leader, Yusuf Bey IV on his relationship with OPD officer Logmire who has had a relationship with the young man that took over his father's empire after he died from prostate cancer. Dr. Bey sired 43 children while developing his business based on the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. At the time of his transition he was facing multiple charges for sexual improprities.

Officer Longmire has not only been a friend of the bakery, but was in charge of the crime scene when journalist Chauncey Bailey was assassinated in broad daylight, downtown Oakland, as he walked to work, August 2 of last year. (See Marvin X's The Cross and the Lynching Tree, www.marvinxwrites.blogspot.com, and The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,San Francisco Bayview newspaper archives.

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