Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Plato on the Criminal Society

“All money ain’t good money, “they say in the game, thus the riches of the American criminal society will in the end avail them nothing. Ultimately, this society must be dismantled, including all the institutions tainted by the criminal activities of said society from slavery down to the present moment, including the political, educational, economic, social, cultural and especially the religious—all have the mark of the beast and are direct beneficiaries of genocide upon the Africans and indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The contradiction between the democratic ideals and the pragmatic chattel and wage slavery of today can only be resolved by revolution in consciousness, followed by the reconstruction of the entire society to eradicate the white supremacy and blood sucking values of capitalist exploitation, including the neo-imperialism called globalism.

The decadent roots of this criminal society were well documented by historian J.A. Rogers in Africa’s Gift to America. He described the founding fathers not as puritan holy men but rather as a gang of thieves, kidnappers, murderers, sexual deviants, including child molesters, homosexuals and others depraved sociopaths. Just as Castro not long ago emptied his jails and prisons of such persons, England did the same, sending their outcasts to America and Australia. America has never acknowledged her true roots. While Alex Haley showed America’s African roots, we are yet to see the true roots of the criminal founders of America.

Thus, this criminal society has no moral foundation, except in a constitution of words but without deeds to institute true democracy, of, for and by the people. It is yet a society of the criminal rich robber barons in suits and ties who are the puppets of international finance which cares nothing for the 85% who are deaf, dumb and blind to the true nature of the ruling class, that 10% who own and maintain the wealth solely by police and military power.

The 5% who deliver truth are indeed poor righteous teachers who must struggle to pull the covers off the criminal rulers, whether they are in the political, religious, educational or economic institutions. It is not enough to blame politicians when the educational system is in cahoots with politicians, and the same can be said of the preachers who act as pharaoh’s magicians with their “opiate of the people” witchcraft of religiosity, closely followed are the media pundits who add their magic to construct the world of make believe inhabited by the 85% deaf, dumb and blind.

Such a criminal society must be uprooted and discarded into the dustbin of history, only then can the righteous rise to the top and institute true democracy, freedom, justice and equality.

After 400 years, we have a descendant of African slavery and colonialism in line for president of the United States. And yet the majority of citizens have been so poisoned by the criminal rulers that a great percentage of them are full of hatred for the brother, even those of his ethnic group (although he is from the white and the black, but one drop of African blood makes him African in the traditional racial paradigm). If he makes it to the white house, he must largely follow the criminal agenda of American political philosophy, which includes an imperial view of the world, unless of course he is pressured from below by the masses who see him as the savior who has finally come to adjudicate the criminals, putting them away and liberating the people from centuries of degradation and oppression. But it is highly unlikely the brother will be able to satisfy the social angst and shattered cultural strivings of the people (in the words of Dr. Nathan Hare), especially the North American Africans since he cannot appear to be partial to any ethnic group, although whites have done so for centuries. Maybe it would be well enough if he can lighten the whip lashes on the backs of the oppressed, if only for a moment, since this has been the nature of our Sisyphusian drama, as described by Dubois and more recently by Amiri Baraka—we have endured cycles of progress followed by regression and reaction by the criminal society, and now with Obama we are clearly on the upward path, for he has given inspiration to the down and out that a modicum of change might be possible, in spite of detractors on all sides of the ethnic divide.

Obama brings a breath of fresh air to a rotten, stinking, criminal society that in the last eight years of the Bush reign of terror has made the world a hell hole, not to mention America itself, with the worse financial crisis since the depression--the sub-prime loan crisis has divested millions of people of their fundamental wealth contained in home ownership. The quarterly earnings of the oil barons allied with the criminals in the white house, have engineered an energy crisis beyond the imagination, since the petrochemical industry is connected to food commodity prices and supplies ingredients such as pesticides, insecticides, hormones and genetic engineering that lead to diseases contracted by the people who must then turn to the pharmaceutical industry which conspires with doctors, nurses and the funeral directors in the classic manner of Elijah Muhammad’s Yacubian mythology.

How can one extricate oneself out of this morass of criminality? Some attempt to become criminals themselves, thinking they can out criminal the master, yet we see tale after tale of gansta genre films that end with a sad tale of nothingness and dread, for after all is said and done, the boyz and girls in the hood have a life of ephemeral joy, followed by grief if not death itself. So what price glory? My brother, a career criminal, recently told me his son asked him, “Dad, why didn’t you teach me the game?” My brother said he told his son, “Son, I didn’t want to teach you the game because look what the game got me—a life in prison, more or less.”

The supreme irony, the conundrum of criminality is that it takes the same energy to do right as it does to do wrong. It is a matter of how a man thinks and then acts. We can plan a bank robbery or we can compose a letter to the banker for a loan or grant even. On more than one occasion, I have composed a one page letter and obtained a grant or loan (sometimes it was a ghetto loan, but a loan none the less). Mama said use the mind God gave you!

It is time to rise up from the criminal paradigm—the notion that we are going to beat the master criminal. No matter how much killing goes on in the hood, it can never match the State sponsored mass murder of America and her allies around the world.

We must seize the moral authority and hold fast to the rope of righteousness, thus reclaiming our spirituality and dignity to walk as free men and women without the blood of criminality and the resulting grief we bring more often than not to our people. We cannot kill them with drugs, prostitution and other moral depravities, yet simultaneously proclaim we are saving them. Either save them or leave them alone in their wretchedness!

--Plato Negro

Plato Negro, aka Marvin X/Dr. M, is the author of How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, A Pan African 12 Step Model, Foreword by Dr. Nathan Hare, Afterword by Ptah Allah-El, Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley Ca 94702, $19.95.

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