Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Killed Chauncey Bailey?

We write these words on the anniversary of the murder of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey. We are tired of the sham reporting of the Chauncey Bailey Project, a consortium of journalists and Bay Area newspapers that have made millions infecting the Bay Area and the world with misinformation and most importantly, committing the sin of omission by focusing on one of two reasons my friend and fellow writer was assassinated.

The Bailey incident reminds us of the killing of Malcolm X, a conspiracy between the Nation of Islam and the New York Police. What is even more striking in Bailey's case is that he was not only doing a story on the Black Muslim Bakery, but was also writing an expose of black police murderers on the OPD, similar to the "Riders" case in which white and Latino police were killing, shaking down and planting false evidence on mostly black victims.

Why has not the Chauncey Bailey Project focused on the second reason Chauncey was killed? No doubt it has been to poison the pubic against Muslims, as in the Malcolm X case. The media so poisoned the atmosphere that even today black intellectuals are guilty of revisionism when attempting to write Black history, often omitting or down playing the importance of Elijah Muhammad, who was our master psychologist and had a profound influence not only on Malcolm X, but Muhammad Ali, Farrakhan, Warithdin, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, in short, the Black Arts Movement, Black Studies, Black psychology, theology and most importantly, economics.

As per Chauncey Bailey, not only does it cause me great pain that he was killed, but I also have great empathy and sympathy for the mothers of the young men allegedly involved in the assassination and other activities, such as the alleged kidnapping and torturing of two women. I’ve known the mothers and their children for many years, and recently forced one of the mothers to hug me because I wanted her to know I felt her pain, grief and shame.

I want to focus on the second and perhaps primary reason Chauncey was taken out. Yes, the first reason may have had to do with succession to the throne and inheritance rights/rites, as in the African tradition or European tradition for that matter.

Of course there were mothers and children who felt their children or siblings should have taken over the Black Muslim Bakery after the transition of founder Dr. Yusef Bey. But the officer who befriended the Bakery young men was in change of the crime scene, although he refused to interview an eye witness who had breakfast that morning with Chauncey and was told by the killer to get out of the way as he proceeded to pump shotgun blasts to his body.

The officer then led a raid the next morning on the Black Muslim Bakery compound, seizing a suspect, the murder weapon and later arranged a confession from the suspect in less than 24 hours. No other murder in Oakland has been solved so quickly, so it would appear. The suspect later recanted his confession. Indeed, the eyewitness says the young man who is charged is not the man who told him to get out of the way. There were persons at the crime scene who recognized the officer as part of a group who are known for shaking down drug dealers, planting false evidence and other criminal acts under the color of law. There are brothers in prison willing testify that they were victims of shake downs by certain black Oakland police, including the one in charge of the crime scene. Bailey was killed because he was getting too much information on the actions of black police murder and drug shake downs.

The chief of police is aware of the actions of his men but is nearing retirement so is dragging his feet so he can exit in peace. The DEA is in town and they too are aware of police involvement in the drug trade, but supposedly are after even bigger fish who may soon face indictment for other crimes related to political activities. The killing of a nigguh is not a priority.

The so-called Chauncey Bailey Project has written thousands of words about the Muslim connection but very little about the police connection to the bakery and officers involvement in the drug trade and homicides in the hood. We say the journalists on the project are guilty of the sin of omission by not aggressively pursuing the police connection to the murder of Chauncey Bailey. They have reaped millions of dollars pimping his story in a totally subjective, racially and religiously biased manner, fanning the flames of hatred against Muslims in the Bay Area and around the world.

--Marvin X

Marvin X is the father of Muslim American literature, according to Dr. Mohja Kahf,
Professor of Near Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.


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