Thursday, August 7, 2008


From events in Iraq, we should be able to take lessons for violence in American cities.
The so-called surge did indeed decrease violence in Baghdad, so an increase in police may have some effect on stopping the violence in Oakland and other cities—especially if we want to turn our cities into police occupied zones. But in Iraq’s Anbar Province, there was no surge in troops but rather an agreement to provide jobs to the insurgents, to hire former Sunni insurgents to secure their neighborhoods with America paying the tab since the central government doesn’t trust the Sunni “Sons of Iraq,” and is concerned that 90,000 armed Sunnis may in the end be a fifth column if and when the Sunnis decide to grab power from their ancient enemies, the Shias.

But for now the newly employed former insurgents are maintaining order. Are there any reasons gangs and other anti-social elements in the hood cannot be employed as community security agents and also help in the reconstruction of the hood? Is it better to pay the cost of incarceration ($50,000 per inmate per year) and see the continued social disintegration of the hood than do the right thing by giving the brothers and sisters jobs, yes, at a salary at least equal to the cost of incarceration. Job skills can be taught in the public schools rather than continue the school system as essentially holding cells for the department of correction. Giving the brothers jobs will not only decrease the violence but will increase social cohesion of fathers who might then be able to care for their women and children, and if we add anger management and spiritual consciousness to their training, we may see a decrease in domestic violence, drug abuse and other addictions. Spiritual consciousness will help them rise from black man to Superman, for we know this present black man is not the man he used to be but rather some aberration, a construction of slavery and white supremacy.

If there is no radical transformation, this present black man can tread water until he drowns in the morass of history, or he can become a subject of reverse evolution as we see in his gait, which resembles some kind of animal, maybe a penguin or duck, but it is not the stride of a human advancing up the mountain of progress. Even the family as we know it is taking on reverse evolution. Because of drug abuse, many children are caring for their parents rather than parents caring for them. And there are children in foster care and children who are raising themselves, children who have been abandoned by parents who have thrown up their hands and walked away. And women are rapidly becoming economically independent from men? Are they not dawning the persona of men and the men transforming into some kind of feminine man, mentally if not sexually? Certainly these happenings have implications for the future configuration of our society, who will be the husband, who will be the wife, or shall there be husbands and wives, maybe only partners of the same gender since violence and lack of jobs is taking its toll on the males, thus the women must of necessity take on the male persona as we see them doing, with pants sagging, wearing men’s clothing with butch haircuts, and don’t leave out pimping.

The situation is rapidly deteriorating. Does it take rocket science to know hunger and lack of jobs lead to violence, that stress and strain of domestic life leads men to desperation. A great percentage of men in prison and jail are there because of issues relating to obtaining the wherewithal necessary to pursue happiness, nothing more.
--Marvin X

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