Saturday, August 2, 2008

From: Oluwasola Ifasade
> Subject: Greetings
> To:
> Date: Friday, August 1, 2008, 7:36 PM
> Alafia, Dr. Marvin,
> I congratulate you. You are a pleasure/treasure for African
> people. I just finished my first reading of "White
> Supremacy" and I was moved to tears. Particularly, I
> was touched by your "apology" sections.
> I agree with much that you say. There is a lot of work that
> has to be done. But, because so many of us are busy working
> to provide/maintain the necessities of life, we seem to have
> little time to work for ourselves. But, your writings causes
> one to reflect and your words are inspiring, uplifting and
> motivating.
> I want you to know that I support what you are doing. Most
> of all, I appreciate the fact that you come in the same
> spirit as Dr. Ben, Runoko Rashidi, Khallid Muhammad and
> countless other brothers who are self-educated/dedicated and
> who make significant contributions to awaken and enlighten
> us, as we struggle for human dignity and liberation.
> I would like to assist/support your work in some small,
> significant way. For starters, I am interested in helping
> you market and sale your books. I am member of a group of
> sisters who are interested in providing
> educational/marketing services to our people. I think that
> this may be an endeavor that you could lend your expertise
> and as well receive monetary gains. At any rate, I hope that
> we continue to communicate with you.
> I plan to be at the conference tomorrow morning. Hopefully,
> we can connect and talk some more.
> Peace,
> Oluwasola Ifasade
> Cell: 510-706-6103

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