Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sobriety and White Supremacy

Marvin X

A society founded upon slavery and white supremacy is hard to take clean and sober, for the oppressed and the oppressor, hence the multi-billion dollar illegal and legal drug industry. Even today when youth cannot obtain illegal drugs they are turning more and more to their parents medicine cabinet for prescription drugs. This is nothing new. In my youth I used to steal from my aunt's medicine cabinet, especially since she was a nurse.
I couldn't steal drugs at my house because my mother was a Christian Scientist who use no drugs whatsoever in healing from disease.

But consider the number one addiction in America is not oil, which is merely a byproduct of American greed or white supremacy domination of the world's natural resources, even though she is only 4% of the world's population, thus why should she consume 25% of the world's energy?

And then the historic injustices that still permeate every fabric of American culture, leading Attorney General Holder to call America a nation of cowards with respect to race, despite the election of Obama, are not be addressed because America is a classic case of the addictive personality, including the most clear symptom of the addict, denial! Don't talk about it, pretend it doesn't exist, don't say white supremacy, you're playing the race card, can't we all just get along--as in maintain the status quo, don't rock the boat, live with your fears, economic, health, justice and educational disparities.

So the lies become deeper and thus the need to medicate, to cover the pain of lack of simple honesty and fairness. When we don't tell the truth, we must medicate to cover the shame of needing to lie, to advance the mythology of superiority. In various parts of this country it is done differently.
In the South they have their own way of dealing with race relations since the ethnic groups have been entwined so long, over the centuries, especially in sexual relations with the resultant miscegenation and mulatto class of house negroes. But even the field negroes learn to adjust by not directly confronting the problem, after all it might endanger the entire family, relatives might get fired. One mother told her son from California he need to leave Texas because his attitude was a danger to the family, so he departed.

In the North it is more subtle, even interracial marriage are filled with vestiges and residue of racism. Berkeley, California is a good example.
It claims to be a liberal university city but the attitude of whites is racist and it is segregated as well, with most of whites living in the hills and the blacks in the flatland, the same for Oakland as well. The Northeast is clearly as segregated as any southern city, from schools to neighborhoods, except for the neo-colonial gentrification that has pushed blacks out of their native Harlem and is pushing them out of Brooklyn.

Some would say there is no plan to this but simply an aspect of natural growth and modernization, yet in San Francisco we know the whites have long coveted the beautiful hills, view and weather of Hunters Point. Today they have finally achieved their goal of "negro removal" with black unable to afford housing in their old neighborhood. And when home prices don't preclude, property taxes certainly do. A brother who owns property in the Fillmore told me his taxes are six thousand dollars every six months.

Blacks are now leaving the Bay Area in droves, moving inland to Sacramento and deeper into central valley towns such as Stockton, Modesto, Madera and Fresno. And of course the mental stress of migration only adds to the need to medicate, thus the drugs follow the immigrants are awaits their arrival.

The fierce battle for control of drug turf below the American border with Mexico will only get worse as the economy continues to meltdown and capitalism enters its final days, simply because the need to medicate will become greater as mental depression increases due to the falling employment and housing foreclosures, events that will cause families to collapse from lack of security which only adds tension to already fragile marriages. The Meth epidemic is an example of how drugs have impacted the white communities, while the black community has never recovered from the destructive Crack era, although the drug Ecstasy has become the hip hop drug of choice leading to increased homicide as the drug causes elation then depression, often making the user want to seek revenge for some past actions by his friends, to seek them out to kill. Young females have described to me the behavior of their male friends on Ecstasy, essentially, once they get high they want to kill, to avenge the death of a friend since everybody knows who's killing in the hood.

The only real solution to the drug crisis is to attack the root causes which is white supremacy. And we have prescribed a 13 Step program of recovery in my book How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy. People think they will be able to avoid a recovery program but we need only await more devastation in the economy that will heighten racial tension because soon Asians will be blamed for taking all those good American jobs to India and China. The 85% deaf, dumb and blind Americans are not told American corporations are doing the taking in their capitalist greed for cheap labor and cheap natural resources. Blaming the Asians, the Mexicans, the Blacks, will only further delude the thinking of ignorant Americans who will, in their disgust and despair, seek to medicate themselves even more to escape the reality of their sinking lifestyle of conspicuous consumption to perpetuate their world of white supremacy make believe.

The only real solution to drunkenness and despair is to change their personal and collective reality, to enter a detoxification program to rid themselves of all their delusional thinking and behavior, whether they institute total abstinence from such thinking and behavior or perhaps use the harm reduction model recently applied in recovery from chemical addictions. In short, since you are a coward, try to be less of a racist coward, try to lesson the need, want and desire to dominate and exploit the planet.

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