Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Part 26: My Friend the Devil

Marvin X

As opposed to the Christian mafia, the Mormon mafia in Reno, Nevada treated me royally, laying out the red carpet. With respect to the white girls at UNR, my department head called me in to inform me I had been observed dining with Mary 2 at Harrah's Steak House. Mary 2 had a break down because I hit on one of her girlfriends, so she snitched to the English department about it. Of course I denied having anything to do with her. The chair told me they didn't mind me dating graduate students, but leave the freshmen alone. I agreed.

As I was saying, the Mormon mafia supported my activities in Reno. Through the Nevada Humanities Committee, I was awarded two planning grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to produce two conferences mainly for the black community of Reno or Washoe County which had a population of 2,000 in 1978 as opposed to the much larger black population in Las Vegas. The first conference was Excellence in Education which featured Dr. Yacoub, (fat head Harry Edwards), and the devil himself, Eldridge Cleaver. The conference was well attended by the community and Eldridge wanted to hang around Reno afterward. Actually a black preacher, Rev. Vincent donated twenty acres of land to Eldridge a few miles from Reno beside Lake Lahonton, Silver Springs, Nevada. The Rev. was married to a rich white woman and she agreed to support Eldridge. Eldridge announced to the world media that he was going to build a spiritual center on the land and began planning his project, but was soon the subject of controversy when the local residents objected to his presence. At the community planning meeting, I had to speak in his place about his plans. The locals were up for a hanging and were very disappointed he didn't show.
They began putting pressure on Rev. Vincent and his wife to withdraw the land deal and ultimately he did, somewhat fearful of his life.

As I said, the Mormons were treating me royally until the devil appeared, and even then their wrath was not upon me but on him. Nevertheless, before long he moved in with me, bringing with him a metal trunk full of guns.

I continued teaching and working at the Community Services Agency. I was running though a lot of money partying at my house and inviting other blacks up from the Bay, including Cynthia Mack and brother Mustafa Abdul Rahim, my top Arabic student when I taught elementary Arabic to brothers in the hood in Oakland. Eldridge and Mustafa ate and drank on me but I appreciated their company. My father had gone back to the Bay at the first snow and my brother Ollie had departed for Seattle with his white girl who bought him a new Cadillac when he arrived.

The second conference I planned and produced was cultural. Participants included Dr. Wade Nobles, the Wajumbe Dance troop of San Francisco, including Nantizi Cayou, Janice Cobb (now Dr. Ahimsa Sumchi); Fahizah Alim of the Sacramento Bee, writer/critic Sherley Ann Williams and the devil. Sherley and Eldridge didn't get along too well after she saw him and Mary 2 together. She told him he was disgusting for cheating on Kathleen, although Kathleen was long gone, had separated and in the process of divorcing him. Sherley didn't know I'd given Mary 2 to Cleaver. If she had she really would have been through with me. As it was, she told people about our relationship, "Marvin and I are friends and sometimes we fuck." And on this occasion we fucked and the next morning Cleaver jammed Sherley since she had jammed him for adultery. He charged her with fornication after hearing her screams in the night. Sherley shut up messing with Eldridge after that.

One day my boss at the CSA called me in to tell me he had just left a meeting with state officials who told him to inform me that if Eldridge Cleaver did not leave the State of Nevada they were going to kill him. I gave Eldridge the message and he soon packed up and returned to California.

Eldridge had gone from the Christians to the Moonies, Rev. Moon's cult of brainwashed children fleeing from sexual abuse in Christian homes. Rev. Moon had a powerful theology that taught the unification of world religions with him as the new messiah. He wanted Cleaver to be his point man to the Americans because he said the black man was going to one day rule the world again, but with Asian tutelage, himself, directed from Paradise, i.e. South Korea. I had gone to a few Moonie meetings with Eldridge and observed their brainwashing process, directed by a crew of Jewish psychologists trained in behavior modification. First they approached a victim on the street with the love bomb, warmly hugging the person and rubbing him/her softly, making them feel there was possibilities of sex if they would come to the "house," which was actually a Moonie indoctrination center. When the person arrived at the house looking for sex, they would instead be ushered into a meeting room with a lecturer teaching Moon's theology. While the invitee listened, the invitor would again apply the love bomb to the person by sitting next to him/her and hugging and rubbing them as they sat there fascinated at the heavy knowledge the Moonie lecturer was dropping.

The person would soon become attracted to the unification theology and afterward would be fed a delicious Moonie meal of crap food, but the person would be so excited and uplifted by the new theology and the love bomb they would be ready for the next stage, a visit to the Moonie retreat center in northern California at Boonesville. Boonesville is where they subjected the person to intensive brainwashing night and day until they broke down and accepted Rev. Moon as their savior. Part of the brainwashing included deprivation of sleep, a well known technique, even used by pimps to turn out whores.

Eldridge was subjected to the entire process but it had no effect on him because he had experienced behavior modification in the California prison system and observed it while visiting Communist North Korea. His daughter Joju was born there, hence her Korean name. So Eldridge was able to resist their brainwashing, although he did allow them to give him a new name, Paul, as in the Bible. Saul turned to Paul when he had a miraculous conversion on the road to Damascus. Moon said Cleaver had had a similar life, going from Communist Christian hater to Christian convert. Moon was extending his spiritual journey. But Cleaver realized what Moon was doing to the children of America and attempted to reverse the process. When the Moonie girls gave him the love bomb, Cleaver applied it back to them, essentially turning them out and rescuing them from Moon's cult. He actually saved several lost and turned out white youth, reconnecting them with their parents. Sometimes the parents paid Eldridge for kidnapping their children and returning them. Of course there was first a detoxing process which mainly involved letting them sleep since they lacked and were deprived of sleep in the process of becoming a Moonie. They were also never left alone. I observed the Moonies following Eldridge into the restroom at his house. The objective is to never leave the person alone so they can think about what's happening to them. Needless to say, when Rev. Moon learned Cleaver was turning out his people he was very upset, especially when Cleaver seduced his brainwashed white girls. What do you expect when you allow the fox to guard the hen house?

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