Monday, April 6, 2009

Comments on My Friend the Devil by Marvin X

Simply riveting!
--Fahizah Alim

Marvin X (El Muhajir)you are doing a tremendous service telling our history in
our own words. This is why I am proud to be one of your students.
--Ramal Lamar (storyteller in training)

Wonderful appreciation of both Elijah and Clara. Rare perception nowadays,
what with the Malcolm cult. The pendulum is swinging.
--John Woodford, former Editor, Muhammad Speaks
Editor, Michigan Today, Univ. of Mich.

Hallelujah! Meanwhile MX is reminiscing, I must say, entertainingly, about
his historic dalliance w/ shaitan rat on...
--Amiri Baraka, Newark, NJ

--Eric Rhodes, Houston, TX

Great stuff, man, priceless….
--Rudi Mwongozi, Pianist, Oakland CA

More and more I am convinced this work will be a best-seller. Though I have
never read a Cleaver biography, a lot of this material seems to be new and
if not factually new, it is from a novel perspective.
--Rudy Lewis, editor, Chickenbones: A Journal, Virginia

Thank you Marvin...get it all out...write it out...sweat it it
out...cry it out, swear it out, walk it it out....thank you for
sharing ...respect.
--Joan Tarika Lewis, Violinist, Oakland
First female member of the Black Panther Party

Enjoyed your post about Cleaver. Very interesting. Contained vivid imagery.
--Martin Reynolds, Editor, Oakland Tribune

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