Friday, April 10, 2009

On JR Valrey as Agent Provocateur

Marcel Diallo

Today at 4:37am
ReplyI saw this yesterday. I wonder if we can sue the east bay express for liable. Writing a hit piece is one thing...but calling JR an Agent Provocateur when there are really agent provocateurs out here among us in Oakland causing all types of confusion and endangering the lives of all of us who are standing up for what we believe in is another level of assault. The east bay express don't live a damn about self-determined Black people. A couple of years back, they tried to character assassinate me on the cover, just like they doing JR today, the thing that they don't realize is that all press is good press, and even when they try to fuck us, we come out on top. At the end of the day, they just driving more traffic to and to the issues that JR is bringing to the forefront.

But they made sure they threw a little salt on and made light of a term that we take very seriously in our community––"Agent Provocateur". The true Agent Provocateurs are the ones who work for the Oakland Police Department, The DEA and the FBI. They are the ones who start knife fights with tanks, and get everybody around them blew the fuck up. They killed Malcolm, Informed on Garvey, dismantled the Black Power movement, and they are currently running the Oakland Rebellion into the ground. To call someone such a loaded term on the cover of a weekly newspaper, is the same is the east bay express printing "JR Valrey is a Nigger" on their cover. Both terms are what are called "fighting words" and should be likened to committing a hate crime. If anyone reading this has immediate access to a lawyer, could you please ask them if we have grounds to sue.

Marvin X Jackmon

Today at 6:04am
As far as I'm concerned JR is indeed an agent provocateur and I can site several instances of his reactionary actions. Firstly, he was with me on 9/11 in New York, actually we were in Newark watching the twin towers fall from our hotel window. JR interviewed me with the twin towers in the background. He has refused to give me a copy of this footage. I asked community brothers to intervene but to no avail. I have wanted to give him a beat down, but how would that look--Marvin X beats down youth he's supposed to be saving. Anyway, we then go down to Broad and Market where an agent is awaiting us as in preplanned. As I interviewed people while JR filmed, the agent followed us inch for inch, toe to toe. When we moved up the street, he moved with us. When we crossed the street, he crossed with us. I think JR told this agent to meet him/us there. Again, JR has this footage and has refused to give me a copy of my and his work. Then when we return to the Bay a frend of mine was approached by some black Muslims who told him I had been saying some things about the Muslims and he should stay away from me. Now the only person I was talking with about Muslims was JR on the plane to New York. I don't know if he was bugged or not, but only JR could have told the Muslims what I said.

Also, JR has been recording important events for years but has not released the tapes, such as the Tupac Conferences, thus is guilty of withholding information, which is why I call him the Minister of Misinformation. He has also taken pictures of me at events with other radical brothers but when the pics appeared in the Bay View, he had cut me out of the picture. This I call the sin of ommision or Misinformation.

He has tried to provoke me into kicking his ass on several occasions in the public but I have resisted because I know he is a sick puppy on a mission from the devil.

Most importantly, his calls to Bey IV on the morning of Chauncey's murder must be explained, otherwise we can only think he was involved. How can he say he was Chauncey's friend when he is on the phone talking with the murder suspects in front of Chauncey's house a few hours before the murder? If he were Chauncey's friend, why didn't he inform Chauncey about what was getting ready to go down?

Again, my main fear has been of his association with Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., that JR would set him up as the agent set up his father, Fred Hampton, Sr.

Now you romantic idealists can defend this negro but I am happy he has been exposed. Maybe the devil is setting him up for disposition. Perhaps he has outlived his usefulness.
--Marvin X

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