Friday, April 10, 2009

More on JR Valrey as Agent Provocateur

The final thing that convinced me JR was an agent provocateur was when we came back from 9/ll he began spreading outright lies about me throughout the hip hop and radical community: he told people I was smoking crack in New York or rather at the Hotel in Newark and that I was having sex with Crack hos. Now he did observe me talking with Crack ho's because I am a single man and if I like Crack hos that's my business--furthermore, if lesbians can be with lesbians and gays with gays, I can be with Crack hos and I don't give a damn what anyone thinks. As James Baldwin said to me, "I pay my rent, I do what I want."
But I couldn't figure out why JR would spread lies, bold face lies if he wasn't an agent using the Cointelpro disinformation and character assassination plan to destroy black leadership.
--Marvin X

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