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Re: JR, Agent Provocateur
A conversation between Zahieb Wongozi, Tarika Lewis and Marvin X

Marvin X:

The duty of the writer, including journalists, is to uncover and reveal truth. The more revolutionary one is, the more truth we would expect, but when a writer/journalist covers the truth, hides murder suspects, he has crossed the line of journalism into fantasy land or the world of make believe reporting and clearly has another agenda other than truth, shall we call it spreading lies. Then we have to ask for whom? And why is the socalled friend of a fellow journalist talking with the murder suspects outside the victim's house hours before the murder yet does not call his friend to warn him that he is about to be hit? Is there no loyalty among fellow journalists, no loyalty among thieves?

And yes the white man can occasionally tell the truth. When Tarika Lewis testified in the pages of the Eastbay Express, did it tell her truth about Dr. Bey? Then why is it all of a sudden incapable of telling the truth about another community scoundrel, rat, snake who just coincidentally aligns himself with Dr. Devil's son? I call him Baby Devil and the Minister of Misinformation. Could there be a relationship between Bey IV, Officer Longmire and JR? If so, what is it, certainly it is beyond journalism! If there are two rats in the house, shouldn't we suspect there might be a third rat?

I have been waiting for a copy of the material JR and I produced during 9/11 in New York, Newark and Philly. He has thus far refused to give me a copy of our jointly produced work.
Again, I can only think he is trying to provoke me into assaulting or killing him. But my advisers told me not to kill a dead fly that is already dead. Before the Eastbay Express, the Chauncey Bailey Project asked why has not the OPD interrogated JR concerning his phone conversations with Bey IV on the morning of Chauncey's assassination. Maybe the police don't need to talk with the police!
Now that Bey IV is being indicted, Officer Longmire to be fired and possibly indicted, is JR next? Yes, just as Tarika Lewis had a personal ax to grind with Dr. Devil, I have a personal ax with Baby Devil or the Minister of Misinformation. Should I have told Tarika to shut up all the years she cried to the community about Dr. Devil? She wanted justice and I want justice. Is your justice more important than mine? Would you be silent when the thief has stolen from you, would you listen to someone who told you to shut up, don't discuss this online because the white man is listening? Tell me where ain't the white man listening. When you go take a shit he is listening so don't tell me don't discuss this online. I've tried to have the matter mediated in the community with my radical brothers and sisters and they have done nothing as they do with most matters of vital concern other than play reactionary to any terror the white man inflicts on the community, never are they pro-active with solutions to community problems, yet claim to be revolutionary.
--Marvin X

From Zahieb Mwongozi:

I'm sending this out to you with a couple of links that you should check out. Also, I promised to include the link to the J.R. Valrey the article. The original story on J.R. Valrey was in the Eastbay Express. The link for that is http://www.eastbaye news/jr_valrey_ is_an_agent_ provocateur/ Content?oid= 958839
I wrote an article in response to the Express article which I posted on blackantiwar@ yahoogroups. com , and the discussion that followed between myself and Tarika Lewis, plus Marvin X's email to me is what follows.But first, before I forget, I want to invite you to join the folowing groups:
www.livinginblack. com/zmwongozi
blackantiwar@ yahoogroups. com
Join these groups.Then you can check out my blogs and some of my music by going to:
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This is a recent discourse between myself and Tarika Lewis concerning Marvin X's statements about J.R. Valrey. The discussion began after I posted an article I wrote titled "Truth in Journalism: Call a Spade a Spade" . There was a discussion afterwards.
Truth in Journalism: Call a Spade a Spade
Just what is an "Agent Provocateur" ? Wikapedia defines the term thusly: "Traditionally, an agent provocateur is a person employed by the police or other entity to act undercover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. More generally, the term may refer to a person or group that seeks to discredit or harm another either directly, or by provoking, enticing, or tricking that person into committing a wrong or rash action. The website goes on to say "An agent provocateur may be a police officer or a secret (or maybe even unwitting) agent of police who encourages suspects to carry out a crime under conditions where evidence can be obtained; or who suggests the commission of a crime to another, in hopes they will go along with the suggestion and be convicted of the crime."
Who could refute, except someone who does not, or has not observed the work as a "journalist" over the years of J.R. Valrey, or except someone in serious clinical/classic denial, that Valrey is anything other than an agent provocatuer? With mankind's history replete with an assortment of Judases and Benedict Arnolds, it should be very obvious to even the most common of thinkers who an agent provocatuer is when one shows themself. Though many of the most notable of these pitiful creatures throughout history have been unwitting or genuinely unwilling to do the thing that they do, they almost always are very maleable by personal or environmental circumstances which has made them predisposed to do the work that they do.
They seem to have been compromised in some way that makes them especially ready for the task. For example there is a book titled "The Police" which astutely suggests that those persons that make good police officers are persons who originally have low to moderate self esteem, are of mediocre intelligence, and have some propensity toward being dominated, so that they fit well into hierarchical structures that function on blind obedience.
Their handlers understand that, and once they are given a little taste of whatever it is that is used to control them, whether it is fear, greed, lust, or a stroke of the ego (such as being awarded for outstanding journalism as a teen), they need more and more of it until they reach the point where they would do almost anything, suffer the most excrutiatingly painful villifications to get the the attention they crave. This approval seeking behavior thrusts them into the netherworld of mixed allegiances. They also become immediately expendable to those by whom they are sent to do their nastiness.
This makes it a very warped situation for the agent in question. Their handlers have shamefully compromised them and until their usefulness is exhausted they must go back and forth between where they are from and where they long to be but will forever be unaccepted. It is in this twilight zone that they do their works. Sadly they are accepted, often as heroes and leaders by the people from the place of their origin. Look at how many people are willing to overlook the obvious about Valrey? The twist is that what brings people like this to the precipice of Judas-cism in the first place is their desire to get away from where they're from, in hopes of becoming unified with their master. Do you think Valrey wants to write for the fucking SF New Bayview? Why does he rant about the mainstream media, his alma mater, so much if it is not a reaction formation? What child curses his mother but a child scorned?
The agent Provocatuer? Alas, he is used up like a cheap whore and dispensed with once his village has been pillaged and burned. Equally sad is the way in which the AP's champions are usually from amongst those who the AP in fact essentially hates: Those who are most like themselves, or those whom they would like to be (Marvin X? Chauncey Bailey?) and these are those upon whom they seek to exact their self hatred upon first and foremost- the community they are from.
As to whether or not J.R. Valrey is a duck or a goose is not the point. Talking on the phone to Chauncey Bailey's assassins mere hours before the killing took place is bird brained shit anyway you look at it. Once bitten twice shy. I have news for anyone from the community who feels as though they could still trust Valrey to speak as the voice of the community: You need to read between the lines. History repeats itself as farce. You are a goddamn fool and it is the Judases and Valreys who will lead your asses over the abyss.
Craig 17x

From Tarika Lewis

So Craig 17X do you know JR personally? Have you spoken to him, e-mailed him and discussed your issues with him? He is easily accessible. Are you a witness to any crime he committed? Did anyone see JR set any fires or break any windows after the Fruitvale protest? Did you hear him urge the Bakery boys to murder Chauncey Bailey? Do you know the person who wrote the article in the Express newspaper? Has JR gotten anyone in the community arrested? Has he influenced African children to sell drugs or commit illegal acts? Has he deserted his family? Does he mistreat his significant other or cheat on her?
Journalist talk to everyone...that is their job...So what if Bob Butler talked to Charles Manson just before he committed his crime does that make him his co-conspirator? OK bad analogy... If JR is ballin like that, card carrying agent... why does he ride the bus...would' nt he have something to show for his status? Police officers get paid...

More questions... Do some Black people prefer to work for other Black people even though the pay may be less? Do the journalist for Muhammad Speaks Newspaper get paid a living wage or do they love where they work? Or are they just moonlighting and working for the New York Post.

I will not take the word of some unknown journalist of the Eastbay Express who is obviously trying to make a name for himself and sell papers...and I do appreciate alot of the investigative reporting they have done...some of their journalist actually follow up and document their sources without writing a disclaimer at the end of their articles.

Your finger may be pointed in the wrong direction. I will give JR the benefit of the doubt. Why are people hell bent upon this "rush to judgement?" Now there are those among us I will never trust near my family and that is Maulana Ron Karenga. He talks cultural nationalism, unity, kwanzaa, psychologist and yet he tied up a couple of sisters used hot soldering irons, extension chords, vice grips and hose up their vaginas for three days in his garage...But I've seen the scars and Karenga served three years in the penitentiary. ..

I will never trust any man or woman that violates little girls or little boys of any color...this includes anyone who defends the perpetrator and their honor.

Is it easier to make assumptions and to talk behind someone's back? Once I heard two Ministers on the radio one Sunday morning and they were talking about each other real bad and one said..."He got his nerve talking about me when he can't get the shine out of his own pants..." Clean up your own backyard, your house, your closet, your mind, your heart like MAAT make your heart balance against the feather of truth

How much time to do spend with youth, without pay, teaching and training, giving skills, mentoring... seeing their way to consciousness and college. Have you ever been embraced by Sister Clara Muhammad or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Have you ever been in the presence of Miles Davis, kissed on he cheek by Dizzy Gillespie, shook the hands of Nelson Mandela, hugged by Winnie Mandela walked with Huey P. Newton...dinned with the author of URUGU? Has Oprah come to see you...Did you ever march with Ceasar Chavez, clean air or a tree...gone to Alcatraz Island before dawn with the American Indian Movement...Do you know Dick Gregory or sat at the feet of Dr. John Henry Clark...Have more than a thousand Japanese bowed down to you...or a multitude smile and clap for you. How many mothers have you guided to a clean and sober life-style and reunited them with their children, fought for them in court and got jobs college entry... Are you an engaged, committed
parent..have you ever washed your mother's feet...Have you helped any political prisoner get out of jail...Did you feed any homeless people on New Years, last Christmas, last night or any day of the week...did you protest in behalf of Oscar Grant...have you prayed for JR and hope God raises him up dust him off...Fruit of Peace. Does your good character people acknowledge your greatness... just questions...

Craig 17x Replies:

Sister Tarika,
Yes I met the brother and have been around him a couple of times. Seemed kind of aloof to me, gave me the "my doo doo don't stink" vibe. But it is, that everybody's doo doo stinks because that's what doo doo do. If you remain around it long enough the stench will attach itself to you, play in it and it will get in your eyes. It's better to have clean hands...

More questions? I have sold advertisement, folded and tossed and wrote for papers that were published by us for us. Sometimes I got paid, sometimes I didn't. When I had other means of taking care of myself and my loved ones, I volunteered. When my primary job was to write I got paid. I often tell the youth around me that it is important to distinguish between work, job or career. The liberation of the oppressed is not a job to me but it has been an adventure.

When I wrote for "The Monroe Free Press" an African American weekly newspaper in Monroe, LA, some of the stories I wrote made significant improvements in the lives of our people there. I did a series of stories that in essence "installed" the first Black registrar of Voters in Ouachita Parish. This was important primarily because at that time in Louisiana, one had to go to the courthouse (read Sheriff) to register to vote. Ouachita Parish encompasses West Monroe, LA where the majority of Black and poor people lived. When issues that affected the very lives or rights of Blacks in that area had to be voted on, one can imagine the resistance these people would get just trying to register to vote or even the aversion some may have had toward going to the lion's den when attempting to register to vote before Sister Jessie McFarland became registrar. Ok, there were several other stories that I wrote that helped OUR people there; one of the stories I worked on
helped solve a double homicide (the "Moonlake Murders of 1988") - hell, the publisher of the Free Press was also the head of the local NAACP AND the largest Baptist church in Monroe, LA- my work as a writer with the paper came with an implied expectation from the people that we vended activism and support to the African community.

Which brings me to the issue of bias in journalism. When I started in journalism I believed all of that crap about fairness in journalism, non-bias, the fourth estate, etc. I still do. Yet when any other nation has a newspaper which goes against the beliefs or agenda of the US, the US press corps refer to that organ as "The state sponsored media, blah blah..." Is the New York Times THEIR state sponsored press?

You betcha. Would I write for "The Final Call" and moonlight at the Times? Hell no, because I'm chanting them down. Besides they wouldn't publish what I wrote anyway. But then again I am from the FUBU school of journalism (iF yoU, Be yoU). It's got to be about us, for us, and by us, like Ron Karenga has said and if he said that I agree with him. I don't however endorse the crimes against the state that he has been documented to have committed, and I believe that a lot of his ilk should fry for some of the things that they have done to further damage the people.

But, "Knowledge and wisdom belong to the believers, wherever they find it, it's theirs." So if the devil has the truth I will accept it from him, but I will stone his ass afterward. The East Bay Express doesn't sell papers, they sell advertisement and the SF Bayview does not have a stranglehold on the truth either. Fact is, the people can read between the lines and those that cannot should learn to. If you are a journalist and you are talking to an assassin several times, just mere hours before he kills a man, and you are friends with that man, what does that tell me about you?

Valrey had an ongoing relationship with these people. I can only imagine how the conversation went or what it was about, but then I have a very full and vivid imagination. Duck or goose, this was bird brained shit. He has inculcated himself and this shows terrible judgment. Especially since he has taken it upon himself to be some sort of protector of the people's interest. I could go on and on, and probably will but...

Further questions?

How much time do you spend with youth, without pay, teaching and training, giving skills, mentoring... seeing their way to consciousness and college?

I teach in an after school program. I live on 82nd and Mac Arthur Blvd where my sister's daughter was murdered in a drive-by shooting with her unborn fetus in her womb. I knew Louvelle Mixon and many of the Mixon family. Those are the people that respect me and my judgement on a whole range of issues.

Have you ever been embraced by Sister Clara Muhammad or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

She yes He no. But my first Savior's Day attendance was in 1970 at the Mosque in San Francisco. After the Resurrection I began worshipping at Masjid Muhammed and my son went to Sister Clara Muhammed School in Oakland, CA.

Have you ever been in the presence of Miles Davis, kissed on he cheek by Dizzy Gillespie?

Only in my dreams as a child as I got dizzy watching the records turn on the turn table as my father played their records as though they were sacred gospel music.

Shook the hands of Nelson Mandela, hugged by Winnie Mandela?

No but I worked with the divestment movement at Laney College under the auspices of the Laney BSU as the Vice President, the Secretary of the Laney Literary Guild, the vice president and president and co-founder of the Muslim Students Collective, and the creator and founder of the student club PISOA (People In Support Of Azania) from 1981 through 1982. The movement was successful.

Walked with Huey P. Newton?

Yep. This is why I wrote the song "Huey P. Newton Died For My Sins".

How many mothers have you guided to a clean and sober life-style and reunited them with their children, fought for them in court and got jobs college entry?

I have been married 7 times and five of these fit the above description. I am paying child support for a child that is not mine due to one of these endeavors.

From Tarika Lewis

Thank You Brother...I appreciate and respect your opinions. I wanted very much to keep a glimmer of hope..'say it isn't so, say'it isn't so!' The why part is still perplexing to me. The Bakery's finances were already being probed and exposed in court, public opiopn already swayed...what would have been the motivation-exposing Oakland's dirty cops/undercover agents...Longmire is perhaps the tip of the iceberg...You have a wonderful day brother and thank you for responding.. .In search of Truth ... Peace

From Craig 17x

Right on Sister Love. I guess I've become a cynic largely because things of the nature of which we speak have occurred continually over the years and I have gotten to the point where I can see it coming, or at least can recognize it for what it is immediately afterwards. In this case, Longmire was the handler, Bey IV and crew the pawns and fall guys, Chauncey the foil. Questions now range from, who handles Longmire to will Bey IV have the balls to dime him out and if he does, will Longmire turn? Will the shit roll uphill or downhill? We both know the gravity of the situation.

Marvin X Repied:

Craig (Zahieb) , you motherfucker, thank you for your comments but the subject here is not JR but the devil he works for either willingly or unwillingly. For sure, I treated him as my son as I have done you and many other young men in the Bay and throughout America. He crossed me as others have and I can see no other reason than the devil has his mind and has assigned him to me. Why would he keep my creative work other than to provoke me into either assaulting him or killling him. They on 9/ll we go to downtown Newark where an undercover agent is awaiting us and covers our every move as I interview people and JR videos. Then when we arrive back in Oakland, my Patron Leroy James is accosted by some Muslims who threaten to kill me and him for something I said. Where did they get such information from except JR who conversed with me on the plane to New York. Thus he spread information to provoke Muslims to kill me.
And then the phone calls outside Chauncey's house between JR and the murder suspects on the morning of the murder, yet all the while he maintains he is a friend of Chauncey's. Wouldn't a friend call a friend and tell him some hit men are outside his door? Etc.,etc.,etc. ,etc.
Marvin X

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