Sunday, April 19, 2009

Liberate the Marvin X 9/11 Tapes

It is a disappointment to me that there has not been more done by our community to facilitate the relinquishing of Marvin X's 9/11 Tapes, which are now in the possession of disgraced writer J.R. Valrey.

Even Nixon's White House tapes were finally released, even though they were tampered with (the infamous missing 18 minutes) and heavily dedacted, and even though there was incredible resistance by Nixon to keep the tapes from the people. But with activism and initiative on the part of people, who knew the significance of the tapes, the tapes were finally released.

Is J.R. Valrey Nixon? Maybe Nixonesque but far from having any real power to resist the power of the people if it ever came to us getting whatever we wanted. Does that mean that the people are lagging when it comes to the liberation of the Marvin X 9/11 Tapes?

Perhaps. Maybe it has not been said clearly enough that it is just as important for us as a people to take a look at the events of 9/11 from the vantage point of Marvin X ,as it would be to look at Watergate, Nixon, etc through the eyes of Woodward and Bernstein.

So I think the people should say loudly and clearly, "Come on J. R. Valrey! Give the people what they want! Let go of the Marvin X 9/11 Tapes!".

I want to see them, don't you?
--Zahieb Mwongozi

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