Friday, April 17, 2009


Who are the real motherfuckers
who fucked our fathers and mothers
off the land into the good ship jesus
into the door of no return
into the sea of blood and bones
sharks and wail
arriving in the carolinas for five hundred years
ancestors as king and queen
who sold us to the ghost
Baraka teaches us
ancestors we call you in the name of nigguhs
black nigguhs in the hoods of america
not pseudo black kemetic fakes and frauds
scared to see the new imperial king of the realm
too blind by the sun of Ra to find a bone at the Pyramid
yet they search in vain year after year
when the whole earth is ours
no matter Africa
no matter Arabia
no matter Asia
no matter the Americas
no matter Europe
the earth is the black man's land
Gullahland is Africa
hear the talk see the weave enjoy the land
we are in Africa in Mississippi Alabama Georgia
take claim to the land and forever hold your tongues
dig the pyramids of Louisiana and see the Moorish mounds
see the Seminoles of Florida
The Gullahs and Geeches up and down the coast
ancestors all
who were fucked by the motherfucker
king and queen motherfucker and son of a bitch
male rape and child rape and mother rape
allowed by the king and queen
ancestors all
and charged
Sun Ra said they got to pay
Africa got to pay like the white man devil
yeah, Africa pay
you got the gold diamonds precious metals everywhere
stop paying europe and pay the negro
the motherfucker you made with the red flag
guiding him to the shore through the door of no return
that bitch warrior you allowed to be raped in front of his women and children
that whore who kept us alive while sexing the master
who wanted all the women men and children
greedy bastard
and talk of clean english
fuck the english language
fuck every word of it
and fuck you too
you speak it
and love it
and seek to purify it with you fake asses
claiming ancestor holiness
let the ancestors be cursed for their iniquities
and debaucheries
the selling of souls in the centuries of time
yet you call them holy
call Mississippi holy
call Alabama Georgia Louisiana Carolina's holy ground
the marsh swamp bayous rivers creeks
holy trees of strange fruit and blood wine
call the ancestors from the woods and forests
call them from the pine trees and moss wood swamps
call them from the rice canefields cotton
from plantation and city of death in the family
Clara said she wanted to put her head in the oven
in the detroit of her time
Elijah was drunk as a coot she said
when Master Fard came selling red silk
the same red we followed to the shore
when the king sold us to the ghost, Baraka said
he told us about the railroad in the bottom of ocean
filled with bones
ancestor bones who resisted and wailed cried and shitted
not only tongues but vile moans shouts screams to the motherfucker
the son of a bitch ancestor
who pitted tribe against tribe warrior against warrior
man against woman for trinkets and barrels of rum
and we yet praise them
in our abject ignorance
we praise the culture of madness and gold
madness and diamonds
madness and chopped hands clitoris legs
and there is no end even today
the kings and queens are alive and well
working overtime to feed themselves full
as we whore and rape each other into the night of the full moon
where the silence is aloud and heard the world over
the silence of hunger and disease
silence of ignorance and demands to be king for life
to never end the terror
to never avenge the righteous
to continue the plunder until the new kingdom comes
and the wicked are reduced to dust
and the motherfucker receives his fucking
--Marvin X

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