Monday, December 10, 2007


Winter has come

Summer is gone

I look into your eyes

Your vibrations are strong….

Trees bare

Air still

Lizards run from wood pile

Old Mercedes

Leaking power steering fluid

I will die with my Mercedes

Like Janis Joplin

She has been loyal

Caused me little trouble

Old as I am

Breaking down by the day

If I would stay from the wicked city

She would last until my funeral

A sip of rum with orange juice

Grenadine and limon

This is my day

I write I write I write

I dream of a young lady

In her 30s

My daughter said,

“Dad, you like them 30’s girls.”

Only if they are secure in themselves

Don’t bug me

Let me write and write and write

I will make love to you in the night

Only if you let me write and write and write.

Jimmy is on the organ

Smith and McGriff

The Hammond

For those who know

If you don’t know

I can’t help ya.

Sun is out

Maybe I’ll walk

To the lemon tree

See if they are ready

Paid $3.00 for a bag of lemons at the store

In the city

Lemons spoil on the trees

I will go to my friend’s house

And bag them all

People in the city

Only buy lemons from the store

In the city

Lemons fall to the ground and rotten

Oranges as well

Mexicans sell oranges for $5.00 per bag

Negroes buy them

Won’t pick oranges off their trees

If not from the Mexican, then the store.

In the city

All is from the supermarket

Even the people

Buy them for two dollars a bag

Cook them in olive oil

Might taste good

Nothing comes from trees

Milk doesn’t come from cows

from the store

Ask the kids

They don’t want milk from no cow

Are you crazy

Don’t want no eggs from no chicken

Even when the chicken comes into their house

Sits on couch to lay her eggs

While the rooster watches TV.

--marvin x

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