Saturday, December 29, 2007

Comment On Ya Bhutto:

In terms of policy implications, this is reflective of a massive US foreign policy blunder, in that the Bush administration, in a monumentally stupid move, shoved Bhutto down the throat of Musharraf (and the rest of Pakistan) as a savior, despite her lack of broad popular support and general reputation as corrupt. In making someone who didn’t necessarily have the ability to deliver the savior for democracy in Pakistan, Bush simultaneously set up his own policy to fail and offered Musharraf a return to (or continued) total power in the event that his little power-sharing arrangement didn’t work. He painted a big fat target on her back. Really a debacle all the way around.

But more importantly, Bhutto was a classic example of someone who who was educated and groomed to function on behalf of the White supremacy power system; like so many of our elected politicians, including Obama and so many African leaders. It's the classic sheep dog mentality who was raised to protect sheep, not for his own food supply but for the benefit of his master. So when his brothers (who have not been programmed) come to eat, he attacks them.

There is a lesson in this for Black people. Take time to deeply study one's history to better serve one's people; else one will be confused about their priorities, their enemy, and what is important.


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