Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Note from Fahizah, On 2005 Book Tour

CONGRATULATIONS! Surely Allah is merciful. This trip must have been a great and reaffirming experience. You are certainly putting yourself on the front line, courageously and compassionately.

I went to Jummah last Friday, seeking to fellowship with the other fasting Muslims and hear a Khutbah in English during this month.
Bro Vernon Wali, a former drug addict and frequently institutionalized brother followed me out of the masjid and told me that he had read your book, given to him by another Muslim brother. He said it made him take such a hard look at himself and confront the truths about himself and his niggerish ways.
I guess you are a lot like Harriett Tubman, coming back to get your people and show them the way to escape the slavery of drug addiction and spiritual bondage. Keep on working it.

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