Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Middle East Charade

He claimed WW III was a day away, yet he knew better from his own intelligence agencies, but sent hot air to scare the already fearful American people, as he has done repeatedly since 9/11, when he tricked the US scary cats into believing the Bogey man is here to eat them up. Gorgeous George Bush is truly a tricknologist who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for deception under the constitution.

He, along with his wench, Condi, recently held a meeting with Israel and the Palestinians supposedly to establish a long delayed state for the Palestinians. But we should know this is merely a tactic to bring together the uncle Abdul (uncle Tom) Arabs and Muslims to join with Israel for a future war with the rising Persian empire emanating from the Persian Gulf through the Tigris and Euphrates to the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, the US, Israel and the Sunni Muslims fear the rise of Shite Islam, another reason they are arming insurgents in Iraq who will indeed, as the Shites fear, seek their overthrow to reestablish Sunni power in Iraq and simultaneously check Shite Iran. Surely we recall America already backed Saddam's war with Iran that caused the death of millions, including the use of poison gas supplied by the US through Rumsfeld and Chaney. But America knows the ties between Shite Iraq and Iran are strong, thus the Uncle Abdullah Muslims in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf States are forming an alliance with the US and Israel to meet the foe, no matter how much America is investing in the present government in Baghdad. Don't believe the hype. The US wants to check the rise of Persia--yes, even if they don't have a nuclear weapons program. It is their ideology that must be checked, their radical liberation theology born of martyrdom. How can one defeat a man willing to die for his cause? He can only be defeated ideologically, and it must be a more powerful ideology, but Sunni Islam is certainly not the answer since the Uncle Abdullah Muslims are under the rule of tyrants of the worse kind, thus their vision of society is at best warped, degenerate and primitive. The Sunni populations in the Middle East are ready to rise up against their tyrants, presidents and kings for life. Islam has been their only way out, but it is violently suppressed throughout the region, with billions of American dollars sent to prop up reactionary pseudo-Muslim regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

Even so-called progressive Turkey has not successfully resolved the contradiction between the secular and the sacred. And apparently Turkey is more interested in becoming European than Muslim. It is their urgent desire to join the European Union. Apparently they have forgotten World War I checked them at the gate when the Ottoman empire was vanquished.

Of course a Palestinian state is sixty years overdue, so we might see one in our lifetime, but what will be amazing is the day we see Arabs aligned with Israel and America to confront the rising Persian empire. Don't blink your eyes.

Dr. M/Marvin X

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