Friday, December 14, 2007


Joanie McCollum wrote:
Dr. Marvin X

Needless to say, it was a pleasure and honor to have spoken with you this evening. I have wanted to hold a discussion with you since our initial meeting in Philadelphia (2005) and after I saw your 12 step write up. As you know, I also spoke with you about developing the "recovery model" to support Afreekan Descendents in freeing them(our)selves from white 'LUNANCY'. I no longer use the term "supremacy" as I overstand that the european, in their addiction to power and control and the associated behaviors, are clearly sheer lunantics. Lunantics first and foremost in that they seem to believe that any of US would continue to remain blind to their antics and/or that we would continue to support them in their addiction.

Anywho, I was beside myself when I saw your steps and the book which followed. Due to my own "co-dependency" and trauma, I felt you "stole" an idea from me and gave me no credit for my contributions in this struggle for Liberation. Well, why would I not? I mean, it is consistent with the behaviors of "mentally sick" people to have "delusions of grandeur", "paranoia", "depression" and "phobia's" when it comes to our interactions with others. When your life has been spent working to "protect" yourself from others b.s behaviors...well....I imagine you get my drift now.
As I said, I have spent my "professional" life working with Folks of Afreekan Descendent and those surviving in poverty for the past 20 years. I did not mention that I have engaged in the services I have provided for a number of years as well. I, like many of US, have a familiy history supporting the need for recovery from substance abuse and after my years of education and work, I came to the realization that OUR primary "addiction" is the co-dependent status we are in and that substances are used to manage the pain and degradation of the traumatic impact of the MAAFA.

I hold a post-master's certificate in Couple and Family Therapy and "ran out of chips in the game" towards completing the Doctorate program. No money! This coupled with my total rejection and unwillingness to continue to "practice" as a mental/behavioral health practitioner along with the changing winds in time, and living on a daily basis the same experiences simply became more than I could manage alone. And alone I have been, because everyone seems to be strapped and struggling AND...of course, as Afreekan Descendents.."We don't need therapy"! So, not too many people want to talk with me in the various communities of US for which I have traveled through (family, Rasta, Pan-Afreekan). Enough said of me....
Here are the sites I have been working to develop:

I also make youtube video's and have intention of completing my "dissertation" LIVE and in person!

It would be great if we can talk again and record. It can be interview format type or just a plain ole conversation allowing people to become the proverbial "fly on the wall" as they listen in.

I can use all and any support you have to extend as this has been an extremely lonely journey of late.

Finally, you indicated a desire to send me a review copy of your book. It can be sent to
Abena Afreeka
614 Rapid Falls Dr.
Brandon Fl. 33511

Hopefully, it will aid me as I continue my own struggle to write a first book!
Again, I appreciate the call back as it has served in aiding me cleaning up some of my shit!, in my process of Recovery and Restores my "plan" for the Unity of WE.

Abena Afreeka
Racism Non-Anonymous
In Love of Afreekans Home and Abroad

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Abena said...

Greetings and Akwaaba! Dr. X
I am Abena, the RE~covering Afreekan enslaved in amerikkka and a RE~prensentative from the Voices in the Margins. I am also TruetotheCause of Afreekan Liberation via Unification utilizing the tool of healthy and effective Communications.

That said, I am truly shocked and amazed when I came across this blog post of my email to you. I received what felt like standard reply ( I think I still have it and may post it here) to that communication and I never heard a word back. I did receive your book~ Thank You, tho I must admit, I have not read it.
I did not want to be accused of plagarism as I work on my own book.
Also, it was a bit painful to see as I have the same vision for a program of Recovery utilizing the framework provided by traditional 12 step programs.
This is all for now.
I continue to struggle on this very lonely journey as it seems many Afreekan Descendents don't wish to HEAR or TALK about THEMSELVES. Only about other people and what THEY are doing right/wrong.
Engaging in the practices of white lunantics as I see it.