Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Poem for Unresolved Grief

Music: Distant Lover, Marvin Gaye

When thy lover has gone to eternity
When the touch is no longer there to feel in the night and in the day
The smile the walk the sweetness of body the kissing of lips breast and thigh
When thy lover has gone
A day we never imagine
For love blinds us to things not seen
But yet the day came like a cloud of thunder
Pouring down upon our head, drowning us in sorrow of the worse kind
We cannot walk but listen each day to
her voice message til we are taken away
And yet we want to hear for the last time the voice of love
For all the joy we shared the blending of two into one
The thinking of two into one
When thy lover has gone
We are worse than dead yet alive to suffer a pain no man can know
Who has never loved a true love we say we want but never get
But we have lived what few ever know the touch the feel the constant smile
When thy lover has gone
The earth opens for the mate as well
There are no tears enough
No silent moments to consider and get over matters of the heart
We are confined in the prison of life and wish to leave
For other worlds to see if we can meet again
The one so kind so true
But life keeps us here bound like slave to master
Yet we yearn for paradise for life is love and love has gone
desire is great and pain a mountain we cannot climb
We go to familiar places but are lost and cannot find the way home
We call a friend to pick us up
And take us there
And there we sit in stupor
thinking of the days when joy ruled our world
Now the joy has gone
never to return.
Lord help us through the day, help us through the night
It hurts to breathe
to think
to see a picture of our lover
We try until the night consumes us and we sleep
Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.


(Miles Davis, Kind of Blue)

To heal the missing part of you
To feel again the love of yesterday
To realize what is gone
cannot return
Flesh is frail
Spirit lives
In the day in the night
The challenge the task
To know we are spirit
Of the Great Spirit
We flow with the flow
Not the flesh, the body
Body a vessel of spirit
Never put faith in flesh
Enjoy the moment
Treasure seconds of the day
Romantic hours of the night
But surely the physical shall pass
Then what shall we do
Stuck against the wall
sitting like a frog on a lily pad

Flow in the flow of the Great River
Called life
Sail down the Nile, the Niger the Mighty Congo
Do not drown in sorrow
reality is transitory
Except the inner reality
The metaphysical
The macrocosmic truth inside of you

Love continues into the ancestor tree
Beyond the pain the sorrow the lost
Tears in the night
Love can be found again
If we try if we stand
As Rumi taught
reeds in the reed bed stand alone
Yet all together
The reed flute is a song of mourning
A yearning to return
Through the door of no return
Of grief sorrow pain
But the flute plays the song of joy
A communal chant in the sun
Sing and the world will bless you
Praise you
For your song of sorrow is gone
The healing complete
Live again and love
Reach out touch somebody
Breathe out the pain
Exhale the misery

Love is in the air
In the wind
It blows your way
Listen to your song in the wind
Listen to the sound of your flute.



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